I shared with you last week about my weekend binge. I weighed in last week and I had gone up by .7 lb. I was determined to not let this binge or weight gain stop me from moving forward with my goals. I want to share with you my weekly weigh in and tips to recover the week after a binge.

Weekly Weigh In Results

I’m happy to report that I’m down 1.5 lbs this week! That brings my total weight loss to 32.5 and puts me at 212.5 lbs. I’m SO close to leaving the 210’s! My goal for next week’s weigh in is to get down to 210 or lower.

Weekly Weigh In 3.25.15

It’s really hard to see yourself differently when you’re going through a weight loss journey. That’s why taking progress pics is so important. You will hate taking them at the time but it helps put things into perspective. Since my weight loss has been slow, I was starting to get frustrated with my progress. Then, I decided it was time to compare where I was a year ago. I think the pic speaks for itself!

Before and During My Weight Journey Progress Pics 3.25.15

Tips to Recover the Week After a Binge

I’ve spent a lot of precious time allowing Binge Eating Disorder to run my life. Ain’t nobody got time for that these days! I can’t sit here and tell you that I’ll never binge eat again. It happens. The important thing to do is recognize it and move forward. Here are some of my tips that I used this past week to recover from the binge and get back on track with my weight loss journey.

1. Recognize It and Forgive Yourself

It happened. It’s over. There’s nothing you can do to reverse all the food that you ate. I find it empowering to admit what I ate, write it down, and move on. Most importantly, don’t dwell on it. Forgive yourself! You are human and these things happen.

2. Create a Plan of Attack

On Monday, I created a plan for the week about what I would eat to make myself feel better. I have a Weight Watchers coach that I work with each week to set goals. We talked about my binge and created a plan of attack for the week. Trust me when I say you need someone you can talk to while you’re on this journey that understands what you are going through!

3. Detox Your Body

There IS such a thing as the Binge Eating Hangover. You will feel crappy for a few days because of all the foods you filled your body with. Create a meal plan for the week that includes healthy, fresh, clean meals to detox your body. Drink a ton of water to help flush out all the toxins. Get enough sleep and take care of yourself.

4. Start Moving

The binge eating hangover will want you to sit around and feel sluggish. Fight back by moving more. Start with something as simple as walking. This will help flush out your body, clear your mind, and make you feel better. Once you’re ready, kick up your workouts and start sweating! I do a lot of stretching to improve blood flow and get the stiffness and sluggishness out of my muscles.

5. Take Time For YOU

I can’t stress enough how much of this journey is emotional and mental. Yes, eating right and working out is important but so is meditation. I never believed in this before! Take 15-30 minutes without distractions to reflect, write, pray, meditate, listen to music . . . what ever will help clear your mind of the noise!

I know how hard it might be right now. I’ve been there. I can tell you that it is possible to feel better and start binging less. Don’t strive for perfection. Take it one day at the time. Small changes repeated daily will equate to lifestyle changes over time. Remember, you got this!