After my weekend of unplanned binge eating, I was terrified to face the scale today for my weigh in.

I made myself do it. Guess what? It wasn’t that bad. AND, I’m still alive! Yes, nothing bad will happen to you if you weigh in after a binge! What?! You don’t say!

Gain a Pound

I’m only up .7 lb. I can live with that. I can get that off in no time. I was expecting like a 5 lb gain! Why do we freak ourselves out like that?!

Here’s the thing. In the past, I would skip my weekly weigh in if I had a crazy binge because I couldn’t face the gain on the scale. Then, because I didn’t hold myself accountable, I didn’t get back on track 100%. So, the next week I would avoid it again because I really didn’t do what I needed to do to stay on plan. THAT is how I’ve gained weight.  No matter what, hold yourself accountable. I’d rather know now where I stand than wonder why my jeans don’t fit a month from now.

Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In

Last night was St. Patrick’s Day. I remember never missing a night out of drinking and partying on this holiday throughout my entire 20’s. I had no desire to do that last night. I knew that going out for dinner and drinks would only put me into more of the negative with my weekly points. I wanted to get back on track and feel better. So, instead we took the dog and headed to the boardwalk for a walk. It was almost 80 degrees and gorgeous here! No regrets here!

A weight loss journey is about making choices. I think about how miserable I was at my highest weight. I think about crying in the dressing room when NONE of the clothes in any store would fit. I think about how great I feel when I’m living a healthy lifestyle. THAT is what keeps me going on those days where I want to quit. On the days where all I want is a tub of icing and Netflix. Ask yourself “is it really worth it?” and “how will I feel afterwards?” Sometimes that’s hard in the moment but remember this:

Don’t give up what you want the most for what you want in the moment.