Today was one of those weigh ins where I actually screamed out loud when I saw the number on the scale. Think squeals of joy . . . not screams of terror!  I’ve been on a bit of a plateau the past couple of months and I’ve FINALLY broken out of another “decade!”

I screamed because I saw 209 on the scale this morning! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen that. Goodbye 210’s! I’m extremely happy that we have decided to go our separate ways! No offense, but I don’t plan on hanging out with you EVER again!

Irresistible Icing Weight Loss Journey March 2015

Guys. I’ve been in the 210’s since November! That’s a LONG time! Any other time I’ve gone on a weight loss journey, I would have given up by now. The past 4 months have not come easily. I stuck with it, no matter how slow the weight loss was, through good and extremely difficult times. I lost my grandmother, injured my foot, battled the flu for weeks, and had my foot injury come back.  Yes, all of these circumstances did have an impact on my weight loss journey but there’s one common thread: They didn’t stop me!

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In 4.2.15

Life is going to happen. I remember always saying I would start Weight Watchers when:

  • Things settle down at work with this big project I’m working on.
  • When I get back from vacation. Might as well stuff my face as much as possible now!
  • After the holidays are over. No need to get a 10 lb headstart now!
  • Once <Insert Random Holiday Here> is over because I want to enjoy it.

This is why I’ve continued to yo-yo diet my ENTIRE life. I’ve come to learn over the years (and failures) that life isn’t going to stop. You have to learn how to lose and maintain weight through the holidays, the struggles, and the big events. If you don’t, it’ll be a constant yo-yo  . . . .I’ve been there and I’m honestly DONE.  Because I’ve learned (and still learning) how to navigate this weight loss journey through all of life’s ups and downs, it’s actually working for me this time. There is no “ideal” time to start . . . you just have to start.

Plateaus happen. I was steadily weighing in each week and sometimes only seeing less than half a pound lost. That is STILL progress! Don’t get discouraged. You have to push through the plateaus.


I re-started this journey a year ago. As of today, I’m down a total of 35 lbs and I’m only 9 lbs away from my first HUGE goal which is to get back to ONEderland. I WILL get there. My goal is to shed the 200 lb mark by the beginning of May. I’m working really hard to do that. If you put in the time and the effort, results will come.

You got this.