I cannot stress how important it is to take time that is dedicated just for YOU. This does not include grocery shopping, running errands…even if you’re doing them alone. I mean doing things that are relaxing and that you love. A few weeks ago I sat at my computer not being productive AT ALL. I was like “why am I going to waste the entire day basically getting nothing accomplished?” It’s like when you keep opening the fridge and expecting cupcakes to appear. I kept  mindlessly scrolling, pretending to work. My brain was DONE. I left. Middle of the day just left.

I went to get a deluxe spa pedicure (mimosa included!), got my nails filled, and had lunch at my favorite sushi place all by myself and it was glorious! Oh and I may or may not have had a milk shake on my way home! I needed this time all by myself. In fact, now that I’m a mom and work for myself, I think I need to schedule one of these at least once a month!

You have to recharge your batteries…or as I like to call it “Get Your Glam On!” You are not doing yourself or anyone else any favors if you’re running around like the hot mess express.  Like I always say this is not about fitting into a certain look or mold. It’s about YOU and taking care of yourself. Self care if you will. I’m SO over that term BTW.  Here are three easy ways you can totally get your glam on!

1.Take a “Me” Day

Take a day or an afternoon that is solely about you. Don’t run errands. Don’t pickup food for anyone in your family. Just focus on you. I highly suggest spending this time at a spa or salon. For me, I’m not myself without my nails and feet did. So, that’s why I spent my “me” day getting an over the top pedicure with a mimosa! Bonus points if you have a salon that does that too! I also enjoy getting facials, massages, etc. This could be a new hair appointment, getting your eyebrows done or lash extensions! Whatever makes you feel glam and allows someone else to pamper you so that you can escape for a little bit.

2. Create a Makeup Routine

It’s not a secret that I LOVE makeup. I’m also comfortable in my own skin – makeup free when I’m relaxing at home. I wear makeup because it enhances my face and it makes me feel more confident. I also love the creativity behind it.  When I look good, I feel good and that makes me DO good. I suggest that all women have their own makeup routine. I’ve always loved makeup since I was a little girl. Back when I started my irresistible journey, I really got into it though. I started devouring YouTube tutorials and stepping up my game. Do that! If you don’t know where to begin, go to the MAC counter or Sephora and have one of the makeup artists help you out and show you some looks.

3. Organize Your Wardrobe

How many times do you struggle to find something to wear? Do you often forget what you even own? It’s time to organize your wardrobe. As much as I love fashion, I believe that less is more when it comes to your closet. It’s a problem if you don’t even know what you have to choose from. Just like with makeup, pick a signature style and then build your closet around that. Get rid of what is no longer serving you. Yes, even those jeans you promised you would wear when you lose 50 lbs. They are just clutter!

These are just a few of my “get your glam on” tips. I dive even deeper into these in my course, Irresistible You. If you aren’t quite ready to fully commit to the course, I suggest getting started with my free workbook. The workbook includes the five guiding principles of an irresistible life along with activities and daily reminder emails from yours truly. Ready? Download it here.


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