Selfies aren’t just some narcissist shout out to the world. They can actually be quite empowering. They allow us to get more comfortable in our own skin by getting to know our face and body. This can positively impact body image and your confidence.

Taking selfies gives you all of the power to show the world how YOU want to be seen and represented.

Have you ever looked at photos other people have taken of you and cringed? Yup, me too. I had a video recorded of me recently and I absolutely hated it. The angles were horrific. I like having full control of my videos and pics. Which is why I love selfies!

I much prefer my selfies over other people taking my photos. I suppose that’s because we know our best angles and when you can see yourself, you can prepare for the photo.It drives me crazy when I’m taking a selfie by myself or with my husband and strangers say, “Want me to take that photo?” Um, no. I don’t.

You know those days that no matter what, you just feel ugly and fat? On those days, I like to look back at pics of myself that I love. I remind myself, “Oh yea, you’re not a fat, ugly troll. You’re just having a bad day and it’s ok.” This might sound crazy but it works. I highly recommend incorporating selfies into your body image journey. Here are a few tips and tricks for how to take better selfies. Plus, there’s a giveaway if you keep reading until the end!

How To Take Better Selfies

1. Get You a Selfie Light, Girl!

GAME CHANGER. Every time I bust out my selfie light everyone is like, “OMG, what is that?!” It’s a magic wand but better. Buy you a Selfie Light. This is life changing. No, really. You can snag one just like this for around $10! If you have amazing natural light then you won’t need a selfie light. Natural light is literally like a filter and will blur out any blotchy skin and shadows. I use my selfie light in situations where the lighting is horrific or it’s dark. Where was this when I was in the prime of my clubbing days?

Natural Light Selfie Office

2. Work Them Angles

Chin down. Neck out. Phone up. But not too high. Close to your face. Head slightly tilted to the side. These are the basics. I know it sounds overwhelming if you’re a newbie. Everyone has their angle that looks best. How do you find it? This takes practice. That’s what’s so great about selfies is that you can practice and delete.

PS – Do me a favor, ok? NEVER take a selfie straight on or from below your chin. That is not flattering for anyone!!!

3. Watch the Background!

Nobody wants to see a selfie with a bunch of junk piled up in the background. You also don’t really want selfies with creepy strangers in the background. Be mindful of the background!

This one was actually taken in my car. No, I wasn’t driving. I was safely parked in my driveway. Thanks for caring.


4. If You Don’t Like It, Put a Filter On It

If you have perfect lighting then you can be team #NoFilter all day, boo. BUT sometimes a girl just needs a filter. I’m not about using filters so that you look fake or nothing like yourself. I think of filters as non-committal Botox. Just a slight enhancement to make your selfies really pop! There’s tons of free apps you can download to get your virtual face lift on.

5. Practice. Practice. Practice

I’m a big fan of selfies because they empower you and help you gain more confidence about yourself. The best way to master something is to practice. It’s a digital camera so you can delete all the ones you don’t like.


Bonus Tip

If you feel the urge to throw fake gang signs or make duck lips, just stop. MySpace selfies are so 2006.

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Selfies are a fun way to boost your self-esteem and show the world the real you. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel weird or unworthy for taking them! Oh, those people that stare at you while taking a selfie? Just ignore them. They are stuck in the 90’s and just don’t get it!

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