After spending time getting ready for a party or even a simple trip to the beach, I’ve lost count of the times my “friends” would ask me, “Who are you trying to impress?” This is usually followed by the so called friend going on and on about how they don’t care how they look, they didn’t have time to put makeup on. Bla, bla, bla. Good for you. But, why do you feel the need to judge and belittle me because I DO care about how I look?

Who Are You Trying To Impress By Wearing Makesup- by Irresistible Icing

I started wearing makeup around the 7th grade. Granted, I wasn’t contouring and highlighting back then. It was more like clear mascara, lip gloss, and maybe some face powder. Even still, I had an early obsession with makeup and how it could transform an every day plain woman into a glamazon. I was hooked.

Makeup does more for me than just transform my external appearance. It does something to me internally too.

Makeup Empowers Me

I work from home. It’s easy for me to just roll out of bed and go to work in pajamas with no makeup on and my hair a hot mess. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of those days! BUT, the danger is that how you look actually does matter. It affects the way you feel inside about yourself and in turn that affects your quality of work.

There have been days where I feel absolutely horrible and want to stay in pajamas all day. Then, I snap myself out of it, get dressed, and put makeup on. BAM! Just like that I feel irresistible and empowered  to go out and conquer the world! Ok, or just conquer my to-do list.

Makeup Gives Me Confidence

Makeup doesn’t actually change the structure of my face. It enhances what I already have and can help hide the things I don’t necessarily love. When I have my face on it gives me a boost of confidence. What’s wrong with that?!

I don’t hate my face without makeup. I’m not the prettiest woman in the world but I’m happy with what I was given. There’s nothing wrong with using makeup to enhance your physical features AND boost your self-esteem. I just happen to love my face a little bit more with makeup and it gives me that extra boost of confidence that I need to look and feel irresistible.

Makeup Makes Me Feel Irresistible

As I enter into the next chapter of my life which is motherhood, I am determined to not let myself go. It seems as if that has become some kind of badge of honor among women. Oh look at me, I am such a good mom that gives every last second to my child that I forgot to wash my hair, brush my teeth and can’t be bothered to find clothes without holes in them. <Insert slow clap>

Do you want some kind of award? I don’t ever remember seeing my mom looking like a hot mess. I want my daughter to see me the same way . . . as a mom and a woman that actually takes the time to put some effort into my appearance. Does this mean I’m selfish? Does this mean I won’t spend time with my daughter? Absolutely not!

I want other women to know that makeup can help you look and feel irresistible. But, to be irresistible, it starts with your mindset which will radiate to the outside.

I Just Love Makeup!

I love makeup. I love trying new looks and new products. Makeup is an art form. I don’t have to answer to anyone. It’s my face. My makeup. Enough said!

Irresistible You Tip # 36

Do It For YOU!

So, who ARE you trying to impress?  This applied back then and now. I’m not trying to impress anyone. I do this for ME. I don’t put makeup on for the hopes that I’ll find a man. I don’t spend money getting my nails and feet done every 2 weeks because some man might find it sexy. I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks! I don’t care if wearing makeup and high heels makes my “friends” feel uncomfortable with their style choices. I do these things because it makes me feel fabulous. Makeup makes me feel irresistible inside and out.

I think it’s important to teach ourselves, our daughters, and other girls that it’s ok to spend the time to empower yourself. Whether that means wearing a full face of makeup or none at all! Either way, it’s a personal decision and it’s up to you.

So the next time someone asks who you are trying to impress. Tell them, myself. I’m trying to impress myself.

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