If you follow me on social media you already know that I was supposed to fly to Vegas last Thursday for the ConnectHer media conference – by myself. Thanks to Southwest and bad weather, my flight never took off and I was without my luggage for five days! I’m not pissed about it. I’m over it. That was out of my control. What I was extremely disappointed about was not being able to take a trip that I had planned for months. I had a lot banking on this trip because quite frankly I’ve been feeling the new working mom burnout for months.

Working Mom Burnout

I NEEDED that alone time to be with my thoughts. I NEEDED that time to work on some projects distraction free. I NEEDED that time with other adult women. I NEEDED that time to network and meet new people. I NEEDED that time to get out of my own head and see things with a fresh pair of glasses. I NEEDED to be around other working moms that understand. I NEEDED that time to actually get dressed up for work with full glam makeup and hair.

So yea, call it new working mom burnout I suppose. The truth is that I’m spent. Just getting up, taking a shower, and powering through my to-do list is an accomplishment right now. Some days are better than others. I was banking on this trip helping me out of this funk but it didn’t happen and I’m right back where I started. So where do I go from here? Well, I’m going to start with these five tips and hopefully they’ll be helpful to you too!

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to FEEL Irresistible as a New Mom!

1. Get Up Earlier

I will never be a morning person that enjoys getting up early. However, as a new mom I’ve realized that if I want to have more alone time, I HAVE to wake up earlier. My daughter wakes up somewhere between 7-8am on a good day. We just went through about a month of her waking around 5:30am. No, just no. If you want more time to yourself to get ready in the morning, check your phone, drink coffee, etc then wake up 1-2 hours before your baby wakes. As a busy working mom it’s essential to structure your  day properly!

2. Do Your Makeup

Before I got pregnant I knew that I never wanted to be that frumpy mom that totally lets herself go because of a baby. I work from home and take care of my daughter so I could easily go down that trap. Sure there are days where makeup is not happening and I don’t care. Most days I make sure to put my face on. When I look good, I feel good and that flows into ALL areas of my life.

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3. Find Your Easy Go-To Uniform

When you’re at home with a baby wearing silk shirts, long earrings, and high heels is not practical or comfortable. However, that’s NOT an excuse to wear the same dirty pajamas every day. Find comfortable clothes that you can easily wear and mix/match with a few staples. For example, a really lux pair of leggings that you can pair with a long tunic. Running out the door? Throw on a long cardigan or blazer, some heels, and a statement necklace. Boom, you’ll at least appear like a  “she has it all” put together mama.

4. Pamper Yourself

And by pampering I mean something more than sitting in your car outside of Target while watching YouTube videos. Guilty.  You have to find ways to recharge your  batteries. For me, going  to the nail shop every two weeks to get my nails done and a pedicure is non negotiable. I did that for me WAY before kids and I’m not giving that up. Schedule yourself time away from your job, your kids, and your house.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Extra!

Everyone that knows me knows that I always have long nails with some kind of design. That’s just my thing. I heard from so many people that I’d have to give up my long nails once I had a baby. Um, no. I’m doing just fine. I love being extra be it my nails, jewelry, makeup, etc. You don’t need an excuse to do something like that for yourself. Want eyelash extensions? Do it! You don’t need an event or special occasion to be extra.

Remember that being irresistible is not about the number on the scale. It’s about how you feel. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle. I hope that these five tips will help you to feel irresistible again.


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