Hello doll face! Did you miss me?! I’m a day late with my weekly weigh in. So, let’s get right into it.

This week I’m down .5 of a pound. I thought for sure I’d be out of the 230’s this week based on last week’s weigh in but I’m still happy with this loss.

weekly weigh in

Overall I did really good and stayed on plan until Sunday night when I had a cheat meal at Sonic. As in Double Cheeseburger Combo cheat meal. Ugh.  I would have been fine if I just stopped there but I ended up having a crappy Monday and Monday turned into one big cheat day. I didn’t go grocery shopping like I normally do which set me up for failure. Lesson learned.

I’m still really happy with my weight loss this week because starting on Monday it was that time of month and I’ve had a migraine every day since. I get really strong cravings and never seem to feel full during that time no matter what I eat! It’s passed now and I feel 100% better!

I got in a total of 31 activity points which I’m really proud of! We even went for a 12 mile bike ride earlier this week  which was relaxing and fun!


Monthly Check Up

I had my first monthly checkup with the doctor since I started the medical weight loss program. I wanted to share a few things that we discussed yesterday.

  • I’m down 10 lbs since my first visit last month. Woo Hoo!
  • I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist!
  • I’ve dropped a point on the BMI scale. I really don’t agree with BMI because there’s so many other factors besides just height and weight that should be considered but thought I would mention it.

I got my blood work back which the doctor reviewed in detail with me. One of my concerns was a possible thyroid condition but the blood work came back normal for that. Actually, all of my levels are in the normal range! That said, I’m really grateful that I’m putting my health first because while I’m in the normal range, I’m not far off from being in the area of concern. For example, my blood sugar was 84 and once it hits 90 (fasting) there’s room for concern. My cholesterol was 189 and 200 is when they raise the red flag. I know that if I continue down an unhealthy path, those weight induced diseases will catch up to me and I refuse to let that happen!

I’m also Vitamin D deficient so I have a RX I need to take for that. Who knew?!

Final Words . . .

Weight loss is tough. It’s a daily battle with yourself to make the right choices.  It’s usually never a straight path to success. Yoyo dieting is emotionally draining. I know one thing for sure and it’s that I’m DONE living like this. It’s so hard to re-lose the weight you know you busted your ass to lose already. Many days I just feel like I’m backtracking to get back where I was.  I have to shut off that voice in my brain that keeps saying, “OMG, big deal you’ve already lost this weight once, twice, or even 3 times!” It is a big deal if you’re still here in the arena fighting for your life. Keep fighting! Even if this is your 3rd, 4th, or 5th time losing the same weight! On that note, I’d like to leave you with this quote,

"You Don’t Drown by Falling in Water; You Drown by Staying There"