I’m almost a week and half late with my weekly weigh in. Last week I was out of town for business travel and didn’t get to weigh in. It was also my birthday last Wednesday so when I got home on Friday, we celebrated. All weekend.

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This week I feel like I’m coming out of a fog. I’m exhausted mentally and physically from traveling and attending lots of meetings last week. When you’re an introvert, being “On” 12 hours a day feels more exhausting than running a marathon.  This week has felt like a total waste because I’m just playing catch up on work, my business, sleep, and life in general. I feel totally out of whack and I hate that feeling! I haven’t worked out one time this week and I’ve been getting to bed around 1am. I feel sluggish, bloated, exhausted, etc.

Progress Does Not Equal Perfection

I didn’t even want to post my weekly weigh in because it’s a gain of 1.2 lbs. Sometimes as a blogger you get caught up in only wanting to show people the positive and happy stuff. I know I tend to think that if I share the negatives then it will discourage you. However, I’ve realized as a blog  reader myself that it’s humanizing to read that other people aren’t perfect in this weight loss journey. There WILL be gains along the way. I’ve never known anyone that’s lost a significant amount of weight without a gain here and there. I’ve learned that the important part is to accept it, learn from it, and get right back on track ASAP.

Weekly Weigh In

Business Travel, Birthday Celebrations, and What Tracker?!

I’m actually not upset about this gain because I enjoyed my birthday celebration with cupcakes, drinks, cake, fried oysters, lobster mac n cheese (yes you read that right!), and Mexican food all without tracking. I expected a gain after all that good food! Sometimes you just have to live a little!

My 33rd Birthday

On my business trip, I did really well the first 4 days and by Thursday evening I started to fall off the wagon. It’s also hard to accurately track when you’re eating restaurant food that doesn’t have the points listed and you’re forced to eat whatever you’re served during meetings. BUT, I actually did get in a workout while I was there! Yes, “only” one but every single healthy choice you make counts.

Every Health Choice Counts

These past 2 weeks reassures me that I HAVE to have an accountability system like Weight Watchers to stay within my allotted points range or I WILL gain the weight back slowly but surely. I need this for the rest of my life. I used to resent that. Now, I’m perfectly ok with that because I know it makes me feel good emotionally and physically when my food choices are in control…especially when other parts of my life feel out of control.

Confessional Time

I have a confession to make about yesterday. I ate Wendy’s twice in one day. TWICE! I had been craving a cheeseburger for weeks and well yesterday I let it happen. I had a double stack for lunch and single for dinner . . .with fries! Anytime I come off “plan” and feel out of control, I consider that “binge like” behavior. Yesterday, I felt out of control with my emotions and I let that dictate how I treated my body with food. I have to tell you that I felt absolutely physically ill after eating that garbage. It’s funny because in the past I’ve had moments where I made it a mission to eat until it physically hurt. I guess it was to subconsciously mask painful emotions that I didn’t want to deal with. I didn’t know that at the time but have received some clarity over the past year or two about myself. Yesterday, it did nothing for me other than just make my body HURT on top of dealing with other stuff. I have no desire to do it again today or continue back down that path. It’s an awful, awful, feeling.

Well, today is a Friday and I’m not using the weekend as an excuse to start on Monday.  Let me know how you’re doing with your weight loss journey in the comments below. Remember, it’s one day at a time!

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