Are you ready for the weekend? I’ve got a list of “irresistible links” here for you to check out. Oh and be sure to check out my weekly weigh in post. 

♥ A list of 25 places to shop for Plus Size Swimwear from the Curvy Fashionista.

♥ Five Truths About Plus Size Fashion

♥ Don’t believe those pics of celebs that you see in magazines! This example of Mariah Carey proves my point.


Stay Fluffy, Ladies. A beautiful post.

♥ Cover Models Speak: What Is Curvy Confidence?

♥ Amazing weight loss story! Couple Loses 280 Pounds After Hurtful Comment from Family

♥ Skinny Girl’ Bethenny Frankel Jeered for Posing in Kid’s Tiny PJs. This story has caused quite a stir. What are your thoughts?

Have an Irresistible weekend! xoxo

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