The weekend always manages to go by so fast regardless of how much or how little we have planned. My weekend in a nutshell when a little bit like this:

I took Friday off so that we could attend a mandatory pre-marriage seminar required by the church. Wow. I had no expectations going into this thing. We learned so much and acquired tools and resources so that we can better communicate. I loved it.  We both did 😉

The Mr. and I spent the rest of Friday together which doesn’t happen often these days due to work schedules. We went home after the seminar and picked up our little Chuy and headed to the local Greek Fest. The food was awesome! Gyros and Spanakopita!


Spanakopita from the local Greek Festival. Yummy!!!

Since his truck is just months away from payoff, it makes total sense to trade it in and start all over, right? (lol). We hit up a few dealerships to see what they had to offer. Luckily or maybe not lucky for him, there was nothing that he was looking for.

We ended the night with dinner and a movie. We saw Iron Man 2 and I give it 2 thumbs up!

The rest of the weekend pretty much sucked b/c he had to work both days from 8am until somewhere around 9pm. I ended up with one of my dreaded migraines Saturday, so you can imagine how my weekend was spent. Meh!

However, my darling Fiance did surprise me Saturday night when he got home! See, Saturday was supposed to be my official college graduation night. I chose not to attend because it was out of town and I figured nobody would be able to really go anyhow. I finished all my classes in December, so what’s the point, right? There was still a part of me that was slightly disappointed but oh well. I have all the lovely student loans to makeup for it! hehe.

Anyhow, my love came home out of the blue with this:

The Penguin says “Live Your Dreams” and he told me now I can with my new laptop. I’ve needed this for awhile 🙂

That’s right! I am blogging to you right now from my new electric blue Sony Vaio! I’m in love!!!!!!!!!!

Well, enough rambling on. I realized I need to get back on my Weight Watcher’s wagon ASAP. I have somehow fallen off and I’m hanging on by just a few fingers. Yikes! A swift kick in the ass for yours truly!

I want to hear all about your weekend! Please, please!!!!


“Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?”