I’m not quite sure how it is almost Summer all over again. There is part of me that is fuming mad at myself that I’m about to enter the heated season with extra pounds yet again. There is another part of me that is proud that I am 45 lbs lighter than last year. Will I ever be satisfied? Hmmmm. Who knows.

I need to start putting together my own Summer wardrobe because most of what I own no longer fits or is outdated because I refused to purchase warm weather items last year!

Here are some of my Irresistible picks.  Let me know what you think and what you plan on sporting this season!

This is my favorite swim suit style this season. I am loving this! It’s sexy without being embarrassing. It provides hella support without giving you awful tan lines. Love, Love, Love!!!

I also put together a “Day at the Beach” Polyvore for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!!!