Hola cupcakes! Have you ever wanted a tummy tuck but you just couldn’t afford it? Well, the wait is over because I’ve found the solution!

Ok, are you hooked yet? It’s not as great as the “tuck” but it’s a help in slimming and disguising that muffin top, back fat, and rolls.

It’s called “Sweet Nothings” by MaidenForm. Basically, it’s a tank with control top minus the embarrassing roll down. It comes in multiple colors, with or without lace trim, and fits comfortably under your clothes. I was convinced it works wonders so I went on a late night Wal-Mart run and bought one of my own for just $15!

Now, on to the good stuff! My pics on a REAL woman-ME! Not some stupid model that is already a size 4. Don’t you hate how all shape wear models are always thin? Anyway, enough of that tangent!

See how I put myself out there for you guys! Geesh this is embarrassing!!! LOL!!!

• Provides an all over slimming/smoothing effect.

• Reduces back fat. You know how other slimmer’s create unnecessary back fat because they push up the rolls? Ugh!!! That’s the worse!!! It’s bad enough if you have the fat but not when the “slimmer” creates crap you don’t have! LOL.

No roll down! If you’ve ever worn control top, you know what I mean. It looks good. As long as you don’t move. The minute you do, it rolls down and your fat goes popping out.

• Affordable – $15. Come on. You cannot afford not to!

• Comes in sizes ranging from small to 2XL. I got an XL so that I would have lots of length because you know I’m a few inches shy of the legal limit of being a midget. Yea, I know. “midget” isn’t politically correct. Then again, neither am I and this is MY blog! Muhahaha!

• The tank comes in multiple colors (black, white, nude), animal prints, and with or without a pretty lace trim that looks cute when layering. Go nuts.

• It actually feels really good because everything is pulled in and tight. Is that what being thin feels like?
• It’s not an embarrassing shapewear piece. Ever worn one of those one piece things that look like a bathing suit with biker shorts and the dreaded slit to use the bathroom (because the hideous thing isn’t coming off). Yea, if you were single, it would not be pretty if you ended up going home with someone that night. Totally, NOT sexy!!!! This looks just like a camisole. Fabulous!

• Rides up when you sit down, which means a lot of tugging and pulling.

• Smashes the boobs a little bit which takes away from their shape and sort of just makes them a big ol’ lump. Ewww!

• After wearing it all day, it definitely gets a little tight and you’ll be ready to take it off. However, it’s not unbearable. Beauty is pain people. Get over it.

• You really cannot wear it with dresses because of the tank top style. Stick to jeans, pants, skirts/shirt combos.

So what do you think? Would you try it out? Have you tried it? What’s your most embarrassing shapewear story? Stop being shy, you know you want to leave some love!