Hi Cupcakes! Welcome to all my new readers. I appreciate each and everyone of you!

I felt like posting something random and a little bit more personal than usual. These are some pics that I took during a random, spur of the moment Sunday drive that the Fusband and I took with Chuy (our Chihuahua). Good times. It was relaxing. I love randomness!!!!

PS – There was a wine tasting involved too. Yummy!

A view of the vineyard we discovered!


Chuy, checking out the vineyard!


The “locals” kept staring and laughing at my photo ‘op! LOL


This is my little family. They are my world! I love them dearly!



Ahh, the first signs of Spring are blooming. Lovely!!!


Chuy was afraid of the squeaky noises the swings were making!!! LOL!!!



What a long day! Let’s go home papa!

So, what’s your favorite what to spend a Sunday?