My Chi-Chi, Chuy!!!!
TGIF Cupcakes! Any fun & exciting plans this weekend?

It’s going to be in the upper 70’s here, so I’m looking forward to outside time with Chuy!

A big part of losing weight and staying healthy is planning. Otherwise, we grab the nearest can of icing or swing into the closest drive through for convenience. Even though we might know what to choose on the menu, we opt for the bad stuff. Why? “Ohhh, I am in a rush and I’m just sooo stressed!”

Enough already! Excuses are a reason for failure!! You can thank my Dad for that wonderful quote! He says it ALL the time. So much, that I’ve adopted it and posted it up in my office! Well, it’s true.

I am guilty. Guilty of not planning. Why? Oh, I’m just too busy. Bullshit! You find time at 3am to do the most stupidist mind numbing tasks if you want to.

I decided I had to start planning out my weeks and finding recipes I could enjoy making and could make quickly. If I haven’t mentioned this before, I hate, loathe, no I despise cooking! I just don’t enjoy it! Especially after working all day. Oh what joy to come home and slave in the kitchen. Ughhh!!!!!

However, for the sake of my weight loss goals and for the love of satin dresses, I must do this. I came across the BEST blog ever: Gina’s WW Recipe’s.

She has tons of recipes listed by point value, entree, category, etc. I started printing a few at a time and adding them to my weekly menu. What did I try this week you ask?

I highly recommend all of them! Delicious! Low point. Healthy. Easy. Fast. My type of  cooking. Thank you Gina!!

How do you plan for a healthy week so that you do not make bad choices?