Weight Watcher’s announced a new spokesperson today. Jennifer Hudson!!!

I didn’t even recognize her. Wow! She looks unbelievably amazing!!! What an inspiration to women everywhere. Not even just physically but emotionally. She has over come some incredible trauma over the past few years. She is an amazing woman and a true role model. An example of REAL out there in starry eyed Hollywood.

She definitely motivates me to keep going and work even harder at my weight loss goal. I’ve always thought she was gorgeous and admired her curves. Now she is showing the world that she is still curvy, beautiful, but healthy. That’s what this is all about. DIET’s don’t work people. After all, it spells the word DIE!!! And that’s just bad!!!!! I loved this quote from J Hud:

“All I can tell you is that I am amazed to realize that you don’t have to be miserable while you are losing weight. You can eat what you love. I am. My only piece of advice for anyone reading this is to give it a try. “

Check our her story on Weight Watcher’s website here.