The short answer? No.

The long and complicated answer? It depends.

The answer for me personally? Absolutely.

Allow me to explain.

When I’m not eating healthy foods in moderation, my body physically feels horrible and sluggish. When I’m not living an active lifestyle I feel lazy, flabby, and out of control. I mentally feel fuzzy, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed. These feelings infiltrate into every single area of my life.

While I have never been skinny by any standards, I’ve grown to love and accept my curves. I used to hate that my hips are wider than most and that my boobs are the first thing people see. I was embarrassed to have belly rolls and cellulite. Now, I love having a curvy body. What I don’t love is feeling fat and miserable.

I’ve been so overweight that I was easily winded walking around my college campus. I blamed it on working too much and being burnt out. I’ve been so fat that my boots wouldn’t zip up over my calves and I claimed that was a new style I was trying out. Girrllllllllll.

I was so unhealthy and overweight at one point that I didn’t have a period for almost an entire year!

Denial baby. I see this a lot in the body positivity community.

I firmly believe that everyone deserves to live an irresistible life no matter your weight or your size.

However, when your size is impacting your ability to create and live an irresistible life then it’s time to make some serious changes. It’s time to be honest with yourself.

I’ll never be skinny by society’s terms. I’ll never NOT be curvy. Let’s face it. Just like Bridgett Jones said, “I’ll always be a little bit fat.”

I’m actually OK with that so long as I can feel confident in my own skin and can do active things that I’ve learned my soul needs to feel irresistible and balanced in my life.

We all have a certain number, a certain look, or a certain feeling where we are no longer comfortable in our own skin. You don’t have to accept defeat that this is how you’re supposed to be or that you have to stay at this weight forever. You are allowed to make whatever decision you need to for YOUR body and your lifestyle.

For me that personal number is anything over 200 lbs. To others I may always be a “fat bitch” even when I’m 180 lbs, eating healthy, and exercising. To those people – I honestly couldn’t care less what they think. I no longer have time for bullies in my life. For you, that number is something entirely different.

Let’s cut the bullshit and be real. At a certain point, your weight does impact your life. If my weight is impacting my ability to feel good about myself, do physical activities, triggering depression, or effecting my health, then it’s time to make some serious lifestyle changes.

This isn’t diet culture. This isn’t body shaming. This is making the best decision possible for YOUR life and your body. That IS body positivity.

I’m not here to dictate what that number or size is for you. That’s an incredibly personal decision. I’m just here to help you realize that you deserve to feel irresistible no matter where you are in your journey. If weight loss is part of your journey, there’s no reason you need to put your life on hold until you lose weight. Enjoy the journey while working on yourself. If you don’t enjoy the journey and work on loving your body at 300 lbs, you’re going to still struggle with body image at 150 lbs.

This topic is complicated AF but to simplify, just do you boo.