How are you keeping yourself small? Are you showing up in an underwhelming way that stops your true personality from shining? Why are you afraid to show the world who you actually are? What’s holding you back?

Are you showing up small figuratively because you’re afraid that if you show up with all of your fabulousness, people will compare your personality to your body? They might think, “Wow she’s a big girl and her personality is just as big as her body!!” Are you not fully showing up because you’re trying to downplay your physical size with the energy that you put into the world? Are you withholding the confidence that you have or that you wish you had?

Personally, this is something I’ve struggled with. I know that when I go all in and show up 100% in my authentic personality I’ve been told I’m too much. I’ve been told I’m too intense. I’ve been told I’m intimidating. I’ve been told I’m too much to handle. I’ve been called extra more times than I can remember.

There’re times in my life where I’ve purposely held myself back so that I wouldn’t take up space. Holding back my personality means people won’t notice me. If I make myself “small” and hold back my true personality then they won’t notice my weight and how much physical space I occupy.

Society thinks it’s cute when your small and petite but have a bigger than life personality. Society doesn’t view bigger people women the same way. They expect us to talk softly,  “dress for our size” (whatever that means anyways), not ruffle any feathers,  sit in the back, and play small. They don’t want to see anyone who is overweight happy, having fun, and radiating confidence. Being the center of attention? The haters really hate that one!

I had a friend that I worked with and we used to hang out outside of work. She was thin. Like really, really thin. She was actually obsessed with her weight and constantly made sure to tell everyone how many calories were in their food and how bad their food was.  I remember her getting so jealous whenever I would get male attention at the bars and clubs. She would always find ways to be a cock-block and distract them from talking to me. I think she honestly couldn’t wrap her head around why a man would pay attention to me being in the body that I’m in.

The truth is your body size really doesn’t matter.

What matters is how you feel about yourself. What matters is how you  want to show up in the world. Not how you think society wants you to.

It comes down to confidence in yourself. You can be confident at any age, weight, or size. You don’t need to wait until you reach some make believe number on the scale. Start now. Just as you are.

Make Confidence Queen

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