On Saturday night, a good friend of mine had a birthday celebration for his “Dirty 30.” I cannot even believe all my friends are turning 30. Thank God, I’m the youngest…LOL. What ever. My time is coming, I know. But, at least I have 2 more years….hehe.

The party was at this casual beachy restaurant on the water so I didn’t want to be over dressed for the occasion. I am obsessed with ripped jeans right now and think they are totally sexy and can be dressed up or down. Have you gotten into this trend? Or the return of the trend I should say?!?

OMG, I’m rocking skinny jeans! I can’t believe it . . .Those are from Wal-Mart too ($15). A girl needs to save money. OK!

 A side view so you can see those fabulous $20 shoes from Payless. Yes, I believe in looking cute on a budget! But always with a fantabulous bag.

 New accesories from Target. The necklace was $9.99 and the earrings $7.99

The view from the outside patio we were sitting on. I could never live away from the beach. I adore it! This is home 🙂

One of the many boater’s passing by. My dream is to own one of these babies. Soon, soon. House must come first! 

Enjoying one of my famous “BD’s” Bacardi n Diet Coke, my signature drink. What a gorgeous evening it was. Good friends and good times!

That’s where Pharrell Williams lives. Rumor has it he has sold this house. Not sure . . .

Ciao Cupcakes!

It’s in the bag.”
~Louis Vuitton~