I did it. I’m back in the game! I sucked up all my pride and stepped on the scale Saturday morning. I looked at my Weight Watcher’s book and I hadn’t weighed in since April 24th! OMG! Bad, Bad, Bad.

The damage. I gained. Yes. 3 lbs. It’s bad but it’s not the end of the world. I’ll get it right off and get back on track. If I let this depress me then I can’t be focused. I’m human. Not a perfect robot. I’ve learned to accept that!
The real question I have for myself that I’ve been spending some time “soul searching” is this . . .
Why do I allow myself to fall off the wagon? What is my disconnect?
Sorry dolls but I don’t have the answers yet. This weight loss is not only a physical change but it’s a journey into what makes me tick. I have finally uncovered that I cannot look at this like a short term solution. This is forever. I have to make the right choices. I have to keep developing good habits and continually weeding out the bad. I’ve made huge strides. I need to give myself some credit because I am my # 1 critic. And I can be really harsh. This doesn’t come overnight or even in a year. I see other people losing all their weight in a year and I start comparing.

STOP! No More!

Mimi is not everyone else. Neither are you if you’re in this fight. Life happens. Mistakes happen. But, so do wonderful things and winning streaks. When you’re on one, milk it. Because, you know at some point you’ll hit a rut. It’s pretty much a guarantee. Life is full of ups and downs. However, it’s the way we chose to ride them 😉
Starting Monday the right way. Smoked Salmon & Spinach Crepes from Trader Joe’s with fresh Strawberries & Banana’s! 6 points!

“Once you know exactly what you desire, you have a way to get there. Once you define the objective clearly and with precision, the path begins to appear.”
~Ralph Martson, The Daily Motivator~