I remember a long time ago in December 2014, I made a New Years resolution to “stop the crazy” in 2015. What does the even mean you ask? It means to slow down, get rid of unnecessary crap online & offline, and to work smarter, not harder. Well, last night I reached my limit.

Stop the Crazy by IrresistibleIcing.com

Last night the “crazy” cost me a business opportunity. I’ve been so overwhelmed and busy with my business and work that I totally forgot about a deadline. I lost it. Gone.  I was crushed. I decided to send an email to see if the deadline could be extended and when asked for my email password, I just couldn’t remember it. I broke down in tears and just kept repeating over and over: “I don’t know the password. I don’t know the password. There’s too many passwords to remember!!”  

Needless to say, they gave the opportunity to someone else.

That is just crazy! Enough is Enough!

I’m usually organized and on top of my game. Well, that gets harder and harder to do when you’re burning the candle at both ends. It was then that I realized that I haven’t stopped any of the crazy in 2015. I’ve been creating more crazy. I can’t keep going at this pace or I’m going to have an actual nervous breakdown. Here are a few things I’m doing immediately to stop the crazy!

Consolidate Emails and Messaging Services

So I’m pretty sure you know that I have a full-time job. Said job has its own emails and to-do lists, etc. Outside of that job, I realized that I have 11 different emails or online messaging services that people can potentially contact me on.

Did you hear me? ELEVEN!!!!

This does not include the social media accounts I manage for other people! That includes actual email accounts, Twitter DM’s, and private Facebook messages. That’s 11 different potential pings and dings that I just can’t take anymore. The reason I have so many email addy’s is because I have multiple blogs and business projects. I thought it was easier to filter the emails into different places. Well, when you can no longer remember your email password the time has come to do something different. I’m now working on sending ALL of my blog/business emails to one place and eventually phasing out the rest.

I’ve turned private Facebook messages off from all of my business pages. I really wish there was a way to do this on Twitter because quite frankly I HATE DM’s and I don’t even know why people send them in the first place. The least I can do is turn off the DM notifications from my phone.

Unsubscribe from Emails

I think I might be a virtual hoarder. I have this obsessive need to read everything, absorb it, and then try to convince myself that I’ll apply what I’ve absorbed. Ha! It’s rare that this ACTUALLY  happens. I’m slowly unsubscribing from emails and newsletters that I never read anyways.

Unlike and Unfollow You . . . But Don’t Take It Personal

Can we just take a minute to talk about how ridiculous Facebook is these days? I barely post on my blog page because NOBODY sees it! This is due to Facebook’s lovely new changes that are forcing business owners to pay for ads. No thanks.

From a personal standpoint, I hardly see any of the posts from the Facebook pages that I’m following and would actually LIKE to see. Instead my feed is flooded with stupid pics and memes that my friends have liked or commented on. WHY? I don’t care and Facebook doesn’t have a setting to turn this crap off!

I’ve started checking Facebook less and less these days. I already did a big sweep a few months ago to unlike pages that I don’t absolutely freaking love and it’s time to do it again. The same thing goes for Twitter and Instagram. It’s not personal. Oh wait, it is. It’s for my own sanity.

Deleting, Consolidating and Rebranding My Blogs?

So outside of my full-time job and business, I have three blogs that I run. Again, I’m ridiculous I know. <hangs head in shame> Each blog also has its own set of social media accounts. Uh, I’m exhausted. I’ve lost my creative streak as of lately. I mean I’ve really hit a wall. I’ve been tossing around the idea of rebranding everything and letting some stuff go.It’s just time.

I’ve even thought of deleting this entire blog. I don’t feel like anyone is actually reading it anymore and that’s most my fault. I haven’t put much energy into it lately. Irresistible Icing was my first love and it still is. BUT, it has been so “easy” to not give my love any of my time because I’m so “busy” with everything else. I’m tired of putting this dream of mine on the back burner for everyone else. Irresistible Pets was my second love and I still love it. I love my Chihuahua and I love connecting with other pet lovers like myself. It has been way easier to share stuff about my dog than to be vulnerable and share my weight loss journey because that isn’t always easy to do.

I’ve tossed and turned for over a year now about whether or not to combine these two blogs. They are so different so I’m not sure that’s even possible. BUT, the time has come where I can’t continue to build and grow two separate brands anymore. I need to stop the crazy!

As far as my 3rd and youngest blog, Hampton Roads Dog Blog, I just don’t have the time to put into it anymore. I had lots of great ideas but when I look at the bigger picture, it just doesn’t fit with what I want. I’ve tossed it around for months now and I’ve made a tough decision to shut it down. I wish I could do it all but I’m only one person and the crazy must stop. Now.

Niche or Lifestyle Blogs?

So tell me, what do you prefer as a blog reader? A niche blog that focuses on one area or a lifestyle blog that focuses on a couple of different areas with a common message/theme/brand?

Next Steps . . .

It’s time to get laser focused. I have a dream and vision in my head of what my business should look like and it’s high time to start making that happen. It’s time for a change. It’s time to stop living in fear. What is there to be afraid of? At the end of the day, we’re all going to end up in the same place. I’d rather take some risks, piss some people off, but know that I did everything possible to pursue what I really want and that I did it on MY terms and I didn’t go completely crazy while doing it!

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