I am so excited that it is my SITS Day! For those that have no idea what that means, check out the SITS Girls site! This is a blogger’s dream come true! The SITS Girls truly are Irresistible!

I decided this weekend I needed to completely disconnect from the digital world and nurture my real-life relationships. I have been burning the candle at both ends and I was about to turn to dust. Great timing (insert sarcasm). I get an email from the SITS girls Friday evening that my blog is going to featured today. Because I decided to disconnect, I didn’t see all of this until this morning. Yayyy! but Wahhhh! I’m super excited but I didn’t have a chance to plan my featured post. I wanted to make a good first impression on you girls but I hope you still love me anyways!

More About Me



My name is Aimee but you can call me Mimi. I started this blog to talk about my love/hate relationship with weight. I’ve always struggled with weight. I’ve lost it, gained it, lost some more, gain it back, and I’m currently determined to get rid of it forever. This is a before/after at my highest and lowest weights to date.

Picnik collage

I also talk about fashion, body image issues, my extreme addiction to icing, and becoming irresistibly you! I know what it’s like to not feel good about yourself. I want to help inspire/motivate other women to become irresistible and know that it is possible. I’ve been there…sometimes I catch myself going back and it’s ok. We aren’t perfect but together we can do this! Irresistible is a state of mind!

See, I told you I’m addicted to Icing! Even in the car . . .


I LOVE my Chihuahua, Chuy more than my husband at times. I mean, how can you resist that face?!?! And, he likes to sing!


I do love my husband though! We just got married last Halloween weekend, 10-30-10. It was the time of my life. I am obsessed with Halloween . . . So much, that we had a Masquerade Ball for our wedding reception! You can see more pics here. The after-party was all 80’s themed at a roof top oceanfront lounge. Boo Yow!


I’m a busy lady and I love it like that! I work full time as an instructional designer and I run a social media management business, Irresistible Media and run two blogs, Irresistible Icing (you are here now!) and Irresistible Pets.

Here are a few of my most popular posts you might be interested in!

I hope you stay around and we can become friends. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter @MyIcing. Or check out my About. Me profile to visit all my online homes! Make sure to say Hi and I’ll say Hi back!

Thanks again for stopping by and stay Irresistible!

“Every woman has the right to become Irresistible. Even if that means just throwing on a sexy pair of heels or wearing lip gloss. You can do it!”