In just my first week back to Weight Watchers, I already started talking myself out attending my meeting Saturday morning. What is wrong with me?!?!

Devil: You loser! You didn’t stick to plan 100% this week. You forgot to journal everything. You didn’t work out. You totally didn’t lose a pound. Even worse, you probably gained!

Angel: It doesn’t matter. What ever the outcome, you are back. You are trying and you can do this! Go to your meeting. You NEED those meetings! You owe it to your readers to be there!

Devil: You are just gonna feel like a big, fat, failure! Go another day. Sit it out this week.

Well, I told that devil on my shoulder to shut the f&&K up and I went, I weighed, and I survived!

See, the problem is that if I have a week where I don’t put my100% into it, I feel like I have failed and I’ll disappoint someone.  Who? The nice, little, ladies behind the counter? Like they really care if I gain or lose! If I gain, it’s probably job security for them LOL!

The truth is, I’ve only been disappointing myself with that nonsense. What happens is that I’ll go another week, then it turns into weeks, months, etc and I end up GAINING instead of losing what ever weight I’m embarrassed to show them. This is the most redunk cycle ever! Seriously, weight loss is nothing but one big mental game! I’ve had ENOUGH!

So, I did go.  I got on that scale. I actually lost! How much you ask? Not as much as I would like. BUT, I lost how much I put into it last week.

Week 2 Weigh-In

Down 0.8 lbs! I can live with it. It’s a victory in the right direction! Why?

  • The scale went down. That .8 loss put me back in a new weight decade! Boo to the Yow!
  • I showed up. That’s half the battle.
  • I feel motivated from the meeting. I LOVE those meetings. Why in the hell do I ever skip them?!?
  • I’m going to do better this week!
  • I start kickboxing classes this week. Ahhhh! Wish me luck!
  • Today is my SITS day. Totally random, but it made my day!

Celebrate the little things. I am working on this. Overnight success doesn’t exist. But, when you add up all the pieces and little successes over time, you have arrived.


Thanks for reading and stopping by Irresistible Icing. Tell me how you celebrate small successes or how you stay motivated when the devil on your shoulder takes over!

None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for lifetime.
~Gail Godwin~