If you’re an avid Irresistible Icing reader then you know this . . . October is my FAVORITE month of the year! Here are my Irresistible Must Do’s during this fabulous season.
Go on a Hay Ride.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch!

Increase your little heart rate and visit a haunted house!

Or even a haunted corn maze….now, those are scary!

Buy a hella awesome Halloween costume. Dressing up isn’t just for the kids!

Wear a pair of boots and jeggings. Ya know . . . for those cute pics at the Pumpkin Patch!

Eat a caramel apple…mmm, mmm, good!

Carve a pumpkin.

Attend a Fall Festival and eat everything in sight!

Decorate your yard for Halloween. Even if you live in an apartment/townhouse.

Scare someone in the name of good fun as a Halloween prank.

Ride your bike right through a big ol’ pile of leaves! Remember that?!?

Go for a drive and actually NOTICE the Fall Foliage. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We often don’t take 2 minutes to notice these things and next thing you know, the trees are naked and covered in frost.

Go Apple Pickin’!

Sit outside one evening and enjoy the cool, crisp air. Before you know it, it’ll be too cold for anything. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Make a Scare Crow! I remember making these as a kid with my Mom. FUN!

I don’t know why Fall has become my favorite time of year. As a kid, I hated it because it equated to losing my freedom and returning to school. However, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Looking back, I actually have a ton of good memories from this time of year. My Mom always made my costume so I could be unique and they really were spectacular. We always went looking for pumpkins and decorated our house like we were some Halloween freaks! It was also a tradition for my Dad and I to do the pumpkin carving each Halloween. So, I suppose that’s why I love it so much. No other season makes me this happy or giddy as a kid at Disney. I suppose I just answered my own question 🙂

Now that I’m starting my own little family, I try to keep all these traditions and drag my fiance and Chuy to everything Fall/Halloween related. LOL. They love it. Even if they won’t admit it….hehe.

What’s your favorite time of year? Have you checked off anything from my list yet?!?

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”
~Stanley Horowitz~