Rule # 3 of the Irresistibly YOU series is worshipping your body and focusing on healthy habits. Did you read it? If not, check it out here!

There are many reasons to start taking better care of your body, but let’s start with my Top 5!

1. Playgrounds Are Fun – Even for adults! When was the last time you went down a slide or got on the swings? Come on! It’s FUN!!! If you are out of shape, even these little things that were fun as a child seem like a daunting task!

“Laughing increases life span by making muscles and not having as much fat. Also it keeps your body and circulation system in good condition.”

2. Gilbert Grape’s Mom Was NOT Irresistible – Do you remember the movie? Let me jog your memory:

She couldn’t get out of bed, broke the floor boards in the house, and was just a big ol’ hot mess. Do you really want to end up like that? She clearly didn’t worship her body and it showed. After all, she died after climbing the stairs for the first time in months. <shaking my head>

3. Your So Vein – We all want to look good. Sure, the PC answer is all about health but who doesn’t want to look HOT?!? I know I do and fashion is my motivation.

4. Sweat is Not Cute – With extra weight and an out of shape body comes SWEAT! EWWW! It’s science baby. Enough said!

5. Life is Great – It has ups and downs but if you take the time to really enjoy life, it can be great. If you are miserable, unhealthy, and unhappy, how will you ever enjoy it? The time is now. Stop waiting for a better time. Eventually, you’ll realize you’re middle aged and haven’t enjoyed a damn minute. You deserve so much more than than. After all, you ARE Irresistible darling!

“Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have.”

~Norman Vincent Peale~