I apologize. I feel like for the longest time I let my readers down. .

Let me back up a minute and explain.

Part of the reason I started Irresistible Icing was well 2 fold;

One, I wanted to share my lifelong struggles with weight loss and gain. It’s been an ongoing battle and I figured that if this is the “flaw” I was given in life, I might as well share it with others because I know there’s people out there who can relate. Even if I can help inspire or motivate one person, that makes my heart happy and my struggles worth it.

Two, I wanted to inspire and motivate you to become the most irresistible version of yourselves. That can be done a number of ways. Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, it doesn’t matter. Gaining irresistibility can mean improving your self image, confidence, getting a new look, or becoming the person you were always meant to be.

What I found in the past few months (almost year) is that I needed to make some serious changes. I went through a life rut. I stopped blogging as much. I stopped posting my weekly weigh-ins because I stopped going. I stopped posting fashion inspirations because I didn’t feel inspired nor did I feel irresistible. I couldn’t practice what I preach (so to speak) if I wasn’t doing all the things I truly believe in. On top of it, I gained all the weight back I fought so hard to lose last year and I felt humiliated, sad, embarrassed, and hypocritical writing a weight loss blog.

What I have realized is that it’s ok for me to share the ups AND downs with you all. That’s what makes me human. I’m not perfect and that’s ok. What got me through my hard times was reading other peoples blogs and articles about how they coped and handled their challenging situations. It made me realize that I let my readers down by not sharing those experiences as they were happening.

I suppose as you are going through certain things, you are just trying to survive and nothing more.

This blog is a big dream of mine and I want to continue to use my past, present, and future stories to help motivate, inspire, and connect with you.

Catch me if you see me slipping and I will do the same for you.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
~Vince Lombardi~