I am infatuated with big ass, floppy sun hats. I tried one on this weekend and it was sooo adorable on me (I should’ve snapped a pic. Aww man).

Even better that my husband called me J-Lo with my big ass hat and big ass sun glasses.

Jennifer Lopez is such a hat girl. That woman can pull off any style!

I think they just add an element of class to a simple look. However, you have to be in one FIERCE, Irresistible mood to pull this off.

Kim Kardashian is working it with a big ass black floppy hat! Irresitible!

I am digging these adorable cuties from Amazon. You can click on any of the pics from product info and to order them directly at Amazon.

What do you think? Will you rock a Big Ass Hat?

Saying you don’t look good in a hat is like saying you don’t look good in shoes!