Irresistible Fashion

♥ Fashion FAIL! Jay Z and Beyonce get booed on the red carpet. I mean, what the hell were these two thinking?!? HAM!

Just not that crazy about Fashion Blogs. Interesting read about how they’re all the same after awhile . . .

Fashion Trend Alert: Flat Espadrilles. What do you think? Personally, I like my toes to breath during the Summer months!

♥ A special interview with Madeline Figueroa Jones, Editor for PLUS Model Magazine.

Curvy Geekery. Check out this irresistible fashion blogger!

The new Duchess of Cambridge has started a bridal trend. Find out what’s going on.

Plus Size Brides are presented with more options. Oh, you mean more than just that cookie cutter size 8 gown? About time people realize everyone doesn’t fit into that thing

♥ Link Love. Polyvore Roundup and a Salute to Mom!

How to shop at a discount store without looking cheap.

The Good, The Bad, and WTF from the Kentucky Derby. Thanks Frisky!


Weight Loss & Body Image – Links for your Irresistible Body!

Breaking the Fitness Plateau. A great blog that was posted on The Daily Love.

Countdown to Summer Challenge with Weight Watchers. It’s almost that time of year and I’m freaking out b/c my body isn’t ready! Are you ready to challenge yourself??

Weight Watchers Group Leader builds dedicated following. Do you have a WW leader that you simply adore?!?

An inspiring Weight Watchers story. Check out how this girl lost the weight and even started Zumba!

Do I Look Fat in This?

Inspiration – Articles to Help You Live an Irresistible Life!

♥ From Angela Simmons on The Daily Love, How to Make the Best of Being Single.


♥ From the Personal Excellence blog, How to find out if your living your real life purpose now. This article changed my life. I’ve had it saved in my favs for awhile now.

Icing on the Cake.

How to Make Your Own Fortune Cookies, from SITS.

♥ The countdown is on. Oprah’s Farewell Countdown Video.I love Oprah even more b/c she is a dog lover.

♥ Speaking of dogs, check out this video of my Chihuahua, Chuy, welcoming me home from San Diego.
FriskyScopes of the Week.

Dear Leo,

This is your time to have the world at your feet, doing your bidding All you need is some persistence and vision, as the gods of charm will be bestowing you with everything else you need to get yourself to the top. However, scandal and gossip are sure to follow, but as you’ll find, being envied is all part of the glamour of success.

Minute Maid will get you an engagement ring.

♥ From Glamour, 11 times you still need your mom.

Food Porn. Enough said.

“The moment u want to quit is the moment you must take one more step.”
~The Daily Love~