You’ve gained weight. Your clothes don’t fit. You feel heavy. You can’t stand to see your own reflection in the mirror. You don’t even want to touch your body because it feels so foreign to you. You’re ashamed for anyone to see you this way. You want nothing more than to lose the weight. The thoughts about your body are taking over your entire life. You feel like a prisoner in your own skin. If you could rip your skin off to escape you would.

You know exactly how to lose the weight. You know how to eat healthy and the best exercises for your body. Each day you tell yourself you’ll start fresh and finally get the weight off. The days turn into weeks and the weeks into months. You are miserable and only have on person to blame; yourself.

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It’s a vicious cycle. Your miserable because of the weight gain and hate the way you look and feel. You want nothing more than to change and become the person you see in your head. But you can’t seem to actually do the work to make it happen.

It comes down to confidence….or a lack thereof. When you’re unhappy with your body due to a weight gain it can be so hard to motivate yourself. How the hell do you find confidence when you feel like this?

I know exactly how this feels. I lived it several times and I’m living it right now. I did a Facebook Live video last week about how to build confidence after a weight gain. To expand upon that video, I’ve put together some of my tips in hopes that it will inspire you.

First things first, you must figure out why you’re stuck. Here are four reasons why you’re probably not taking action yet.

1. You Aren’t Hurting Bad Enough

Look, I get it. You’re in a dark place. You hate your body and resent the fact that you’ve gained weight. It’s frustrating because there’s nobody to blame but yourself..In your head you know you want to lose weight and get off the couch but can’t seem to connect your vision to action. Why?  You’re too comfortable. It’s so much easier to sit in the house with stretchy pants on and Netflix n chill than it is to get up, face the music, and sweat. Even though you KNOW you will feel better afterwards! Sometimes the reason we can’t seem to move into action is because it doesn’t hurt bad enough.

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” Tony Robbins

2. You Don’t Have a Clear Purpose Defined

Everyone tries to be politically correct and say you shouldn’t lose weight for looks. Well, they are full of shit. We ALL want to look hot. Don’t kid yourself.  That might be a great motivator at first to get you going. BUT you need a bigger purpose. I’ve come to realize that it’s not just about the weight but the weight is the center of the problem. When I’m not feeling good in my body it affects all areas of my life including my mental state. When I want to binge on fast food, I remind myself how miserable it feels to be in this place and how great it feels when I’m balanced and living an irresistible life. You need to have a clear purpose defined that will pull you through the tough times.

3. You’re Afraid of Failure So Why Try?

I’ve lost and gained weight more times than I can count. I’ve been struggling big time this year with a fear of failure. I think to myself “you’ll just end up fucking up anyways like you always do so why even try?” Don’t think about the end result. Just focus on what you can do today. What if you could just focus on not binging at the next meal or the time in between your next meal? Baby steps add up to major changes. Eventually you’ll look back and see big results!

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4. You’re Depressed

Emotional eating, weight gain, and poor body image are ALL deeply linked to depression. If you are clinically depressed you must get help from a trained professional. Trust me. It’s the only way out of this darkness. I’ve been there and it works. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

So, How Do You Build Confidence After a Weight Gain?

Confidence is a muscle. You have to work at it every single day in order for it to grow. The hardest part is taking that first step.

1. Accept That It Happened

Dwelling on the past is not going to change anything about where you are right now in this moment on your journey. I know that it’s frustrating but you have to come to a place of accepting that the weight gain happened. It doesn’t mean you accept that you have to stay here. It means that you forgive yourself so that you can move forward.

2. Start With One Small Action Today

A few summers ago, I was on a weight loss journey and I felt miserable in my own skin but I refused to let another summer go by hiding in the house. I knew that in order to plow through this, I needed to at least dress in a way that made me feel good about my body the way it was in that moment. I hadn’t worn shorts or a bathing suit in years. I went out and bought two pairs of shorts that actually fit. I started wearing them and it was hella weird at first. As the days went on, it got easier and I actually started to like what I saw in the mirror.

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You cannot work on your confidence when you’re wearing clothes you hate that don’t flatter your figure. Who cares about the size? What matters is that you feel good in what you’re wearing. Just the act of wearing clothes that fit and flatter your body will build up your confidence and make you want to take better care of your body. Next thing you know, you’ll need to go shopping again for a smaller size!

3. Get a Support System

We don’t have to do this alone. Getting stuck in our heads is where things get dangerous. Having a support system is such a powerful tool. When you realize that there are other people like you going through the same stuff it feels empowering. For so long the issues around weight gain and body image have had so much shame attached to them. The more I do this work the more I realize that pretty much ALL women go through these issues at some level. I invite you to join my free private Facebook group where we talk about all of these topics.

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