I’m flying to Las Vegas this week for the ConnectHer Media conference. Traveling is one of my passions but it brings up a lot of anxiety about how I’ll stay on track with my weight loss journey. I’ve fallen off the wagon while traveling way too many times. Once I get home it’s so hard to get back on track. Now that I embrace this as a lifestyle and a life long journey, it makes traveling so much easier AND enjoyable! I used to look at traveling as an excuse to revert to binge eating. 

5 Ways to Beat Binge Eating While Traveling

Here’s the deal. You have to find ways to make this a lifestyle because life is always going to get in the way. You won’t always be in your “safe zone” with your set routine and safe foods around here. You have to learn how to adapt and live life. In this post I’ll share my top five tips to beat binge eating while you’re traveling.

1. Set Your Expectations

I never expect to lose weight while I’m traveling. A successful trip for me is if my weight stays exactly the same. I also know that I have the potential to gain a few pounds and I make peace with that. It IS possible to lose weight while traveling. That said, decide what your expectations are, make peace with it, and move on.

2. Embrace Food as an Experience

News Flash: I love food. Food is love. Food is life. Food IS how we socially connect with one another. To try and deny that is only going to make this journey difficult and downright impossible. Trust me. I’ve tried that route. When I travel, I love to experience the culture and food that’s unique to that region. I used to have a black and white view of eating. Food was either bad or it was good. I don’t see it that way anymore. Food is there to enjoy. Food will ALWAYS be at the center of social situations. I can embrace food as an experience because of my next tip.

3. Be Mindful – Not Obsessive

When traveling I can look up the points for a lot of things…and some stuff not so much. This goes back to your intentions and expectations. Will you track your food while traveling? I try to but often times halfway through the trip I stop because it gets in the way of having fun…and a lot of things are difficult to track on the go. That’s where mindfulness comes into play.

When I’m at a conference or VIP event, the last thing I feel like doing is pulling out my phone to look up the points. Plus, at cocktails parties and such that isn’t easy to find because the food isn’t really listed. I make peace with that and decide to be mindful and not point obsessive about what I’m eating.

What does that mean? It means thinking about the things I put on my plate before I do it. Not just eating everything available. I try to make better food choices. For example, loading up on fruit/vegetables if it’s a cocktail hour with appetizers.

Aimee Brunch

I always start the day with a light & healthy breakfast followed by something light like a salad for lunch. That way I can indulge at dinner and enjoy a few adult beverages. I’m not going to travel to Vegas without having a few drinks!

Tip: Stock your hotel room with water & healthy snacks for those in-between meal times where you’re hungry. It will prevent you from rummaging in the mini bar or ordering room service.

Be mindful, not obsessive about food.

4. Stay Active

Look – Going to the gym during the wee hours of the morning is not exactly my idea of a good time. When I’m traveling, I get really bloated even when I’m drinking water and eating healthy. It’s just a thing, I guess? For me, working in some kind of activity is key to feeling good and maintaining my weight while I’m away. You may not find me in the hotel gym at 5am but I might start my day with an in-room workout like the 30 Day Shred.

It also depends on the destination too. For example, I know in Vegas I’m going to be doing A LOT of walking because everything is so spread out. That means I don’t leave home without my FitBit so that I can track all of those steps. They automatically load into my activity points on Weight Watchers  so I don’t even have to think about it.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The point is to find activities that keep you moving that you actually enjoy.” quote=”The point is to find activities that keep you moving that you actually enjoy.”] If waking up at 5am to run 2 miles is your thing than do you boo!

5. Stay Connected & Supported

My program of choice is Weight Watchers. I do the online version in addition to personal coaching. The great thing about that is I have the app available to me 24/7 where I can message my coach or live chat with anyone from the Weight Watchers team 24/7. If you don’t have something like this, I invite you to join my free Facebook group – Irresistible YOUniversity which is a group of supportive and empowering women if you need to vent. Feel free to pop in to vent or ask for help!

What are you most anxious about when it comes to your weight loss journey and traveling?


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