It was a GORGEOUS day! I spent a lot of time at home cleaning with the windows open getting the house nice and fresh. I love that feeling! Then, I headed over to the park with my little Chuy. Just the 2 of us. It was relaxing. Sometimes, I just need that alone time to reflect on everything that is going on.

The Fusband is still out of town and will be for a few more weeks. I’m ready for him to be back. We miss him a lot. I wish he could be here for Chuy’s first Easter. But, that’s why I take lots of pictures! Enjoy!
This is the entrance to the Japanese Garden. We did part of our Engagement photos here, last year. Love this place!
Another View. All of the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom.
Cherry Blossom Trees!!!!
Gorgeous flowers! Spring is here!
Cherry Blossoms up close. How gorgeous are those???!!!
Chuy checking everything out!
Ohhhh petals! Can I eat these???
I see something Mama!
I love how life is always an adventure for Chuy. He makes my heart smile 🙂
Come on Mama! Let’s go home, I’m hungry!!!
Thanks for stopping by Irresistible Icing! I appreciate each and everyone of you!