Oh You Fancy Huh? Nails Done, Hair Done, Everything Did.
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I have been getting my nails done as far back as I can remember. I started with the press-ons (gasp!)when I was around 13 and started getting acrylics at the age of 16 when I could drive and fund it through baby sitting. I’m 29 and haven’t missed a fill-in yet! These days, I’ve shortened them from my “Bon Qui Qui” nail days (OMG they were LONG!!!!) and opt for pink and white. It’s simple & classy but easy to maintain.

Yes, that is really MY hand! My nails are part of my signature look. I get compliments on them every where I go. Just ask Frankie J. He pretty much expects it now when we go out! And yes, these are short for ME.

You Deserve it!
I go every 2 weeks for a fill and pedicure. I recomend every Irresistible woman does the same. Be it your real nails or fakes. If it’s not in your budget, set aside some time at home and give yourself a mani/pedi. Call some girlfriends over, make a few cosmo’s, and laugh until your face hurts! Don’t you deserve it?

Check out this crazy nail art! Irresistible or Fail?
If you know the credits for these photos, please let me know.

That is one dedicated Hello Kitty fan!



Hoppy Easter! I think they are actually really cute!
Hello Kitty and some serious nail bling!

Bling, Bling Yo!

My beloved pink n white with some bling just on the ring finger. I dig it.

Pink AND more Pink!!!

Chanel nails! Oh you know I LOVE these!!!

Chanel AND Hello Kitty. Ok, I’m in love. I’m really loving these nails!

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“You work hard. You shouldn’t be working just to pay bills and sit in a cube all day. The least you can do is visit the nail shop every 2 weeks.”
~Mimi @ Irresistible Icing~