Icing can be described as:

  • “Something added to make a thing better or more desirable.”
  • “Something that adds to the interest, value, or appeal of an item or event.”

Or what most people know icing as:

  • “A sweet, creamy spread, as of confectioners’ sugar, butter, and flavoring, for covering cakes, cookies, etc.”

So, there you have it. Icing is something that makes life better.

I’ve had an infatuation with icing since I was a kid. My earliest memories are “licking” the spoon while baking sugar cookies with my mom. When I’m depressed or sad, all I really want is a big ol’ can of icing and a spoon! Seriously, I’ve been known to run to the store in the middle of the night to buy some. I can even remember as a kid, sneaking into the kitchen and taking the icing out of the cabinet and stashing it next to my bed or in the back of the fridge!!!! Buttercream is the best. Yummmy!!!!!!

That might have a slight connection to my life long battle of the bulge! I have constantly fought with my weight, tried every diet under the sun, and have a ton of stories to share with each of you. As of lately, I seem to be getting a grip on this “lifestyle” thing and have started making progress.

As it relates to everything else in my life, I’m addicted to “icing.” I constantly refer to all the extra’s in life as “icing.” Such as:

  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • Jewelery
  • Accesories
  • Makeup
  • Fashion

You get the point yet?!?

When I cannot indulge in a can of icing, I find it “irresistible” for my little wallet to say no to the “other” icing.

Irresistible Icing is a blog I’ve started that’s about my addiction to food, fashion, shoes, purses, jewelry, sparkly objects (which, I am easily distracted by), life, love, and laughter. Sit back, grab a spoon, indulge and ask yourself, what’s your icing?