Not even half a pound.

But . . .

It’s still a loss, right? (Come on, make me feel better people . . .lol)

I should be happy. Of course. Yes. I am ecstatic (insert extreme sarcasm here).

Seriously, any loss is better than a gain. I just thought it would be more this week. But, then again, I didn’t do as many work outs as I should have. I also didn’t cook as much at home like I did the week prior. I was also super busy and found I wasn’t eating full meals. If you eat to much, you gain. If you don’t eat enough, you gain or don’t lose…Ahhh!

Maybe those Easter Cupcakes finally caught up to me? Hmmm, oh well! I have to live life and living=cupcakes!


Gorgeous, Easter Cupcakes!

I am determined to have a better week. I start the Zerona laser today and I’m nervous but really excited. I want to have great results and a lot of that relies upon my own determination. After taking those ridiculous nude pics in the paper underwear, I HAVE to look better in 2 weeks. LOL!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Any fun or interesting stories to share?