This might be the slowest I’ve ever lost weight in my entire life. Although, I have to admit I haven’t been motivated to work out and I’m sure that’s not helping with the slow motion. I’m staying upbeat about it because half a pound is still a loss . . . even though I pretty much stayed the same the entire month of May.

Weekly Weigh In

It’s time to kick things in gear for June. I’m praying I can find my workout mojo again because for me that’s key to losing weight and changing my body. My mini goal is to get the hell out of these 230’s once and for all! That’s only 8.5 lbs and if I really hustle in June, I can do that!

Aimee and Chuy Bark in the Park

Just when you think half a pound a week is nothing, think about this:

small steps lead to big changes

How did you do this week?

“There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.”
~Peter A. Cohen~