Losing weight is an emotional roller coaster . . . to say the least. One day you are on top of the world. The next you feel like you just can’t do it anymore.

You know the feeling. One week you lose 2 lbs and you feel absolutely amazing because you know you deserved to lose that weight. You’ve worked hard for it, damn it! You ate so much grilled chicken and salad that you are probably growing feathers at this point…and you sweated and busted your ass in the gym.

You feel like you are starting to become the “thinner” version of yourself you once were or the “thinner” version of yourself you’ve never been before.

Then, you catch yourself looking back in the mirror and your image doesn’t match how you feel. You still look fat. You still hate your body. You still can’t wear your old clothes. In fact, you are still wearing your “fat” jeans.

Stand in Your Truth by IrresistibleIcing.com

That victory from the scale is shattered because all you can focus on is the negative.

There are so many hard things about losing weight and accepting your body for what it is. But I swear this has to be the hardest thing to embrace. So many times, we are still hung up what we used to look like or beating ourselves up for gaining this weight in the first place. If I had a dollar for every time I have beat myself up for gaining my weight back, I’d be a millionaire. Seriously, I would.

Take a deep breath. You have to embrace where you are and what you’ve accomplished, so far. It’s a miracle that you are even doing this! Not everyone has the strength to do it.

Just like Suze Ormon says about your finances, you have to stand in your truth. I think it’s the same with our bodies and losing weight. She says that:

You must recognize, embrace, and be honest about what is real for you today and allow that understanding to inform the choices you make. Only then will you be able to build the future of your dreams.

You have to recognize where you are today. Right at this moment. Recognize what got you here and that it’s ok.

Stand in the truth that this is where you are right now but it doesn’t have to be permanent. You know you have the power to change and overcome it. You’ve done this before and you can do it again.

When you stand in your truth, you start to forgive yourself for gaining the weight. You become more understanding of why you got to this place. For those of us who are emotional eaters or compulsive over eaters, when we show a weight gain, it’s because we’ve had to deal with something bigger than ourselves. But, guess what? If you are able to stand in the mirror and talk shit to yourself that means you are still alive. Still kicking and still able to fight . . . if you are ready to stand in your truth and continue on, even when it doesn’t feel like it’s getting anywhere.


I think this time with my weight loss journey it has been so challenging for me because I’m actually working towards fixing the root cause, not just the physical aspect (which I’ve never done). BUT, once I get to the heart of it, I know that the rest will fall into place because it’s allowing me to be brutally honest and truthful with myself. Something I haven’t done much in the past. The food has been my unconscious shield of choice.

It’s time to stand in your truth, accept and embrace where you are right at this moment and find the inner motivation and determination to move forward. You gained weight. So what. It can come right off, when you’re ready.

Are you ready to stand in your truth?

The thing you fear most has no power.
Your fear of it is what has the power.
Facing the truth really will set you free.
~Oprah Winfrey~