push through it

I was feeling really good yesterday after I finally posted about how I will be measuring inches instead of pounds and blogging about it here.

It wasn’t long before all the self doubt starting setting in and I started questioning my plan.

  • Do you REALLY think you can accurately track inches every week/month?
  • Nobody is going to care about you tracking inches.
  • You’re going to give up just like you always do
  • Why the hell did you share such embarrassing, ugly pics with the entire world?
  • You’ll never follow through with it.
  • OMG you look disgusting in those pics. How is it you’ve managed once again (AGAIN) to let yourself go?

Just hours after I hit publish, I stumbled upon the story of LaKeisha Shurn and how she vlogged 100 days of workouts and shed 2 dress sizes and is still going strong. It made me realize that I can do this. Just like I was motivated by her video, maybe me sharing my “ugly fat” pics can help someone else too. It’s not just about the glamorous after pics . . . it’s about the struggle to get there. Believe me it’s not easy and it will hurt and it will suck. Check out LaKeisha’s video here:


These are the moments in the struggle where you have to push through it. Whether it’s mental or physical. Those parts of your workouts where it hurts the most and you’ve got tears and sweat streaming down your face? Yea, those moments are when you PUSH through it. You have to envision the end result and remember how miserable it felt to be fat.

I don’t even know if this post makes sense but I needed a place to vent and well you’re so lucky because blogging is my therapy.

Until next time . . .

every flower grows through the dirt

NEVER GIVE-UP: “So many people can be responsible for your Success. but only you are responsible for your failure.”