Irresistibly YOU: A How-To Guide

Welcome to my blog series on how to become Irresistible. It starts with working on you from the inside to develop into the little vixen you are destined to be on the outside! Stay tuned because I have a lot in store for you over the coming days and weeks!

An Introduction
Throughout my life, I’ve been fat, thick, chunky, and everything in between. Sure, I got bullied as the husky kid on the school bus. Sure, there have been nasty remarks here and there. As I look back, the real issue with my weight has always been internally with me. At my highest or lowest weight, I’ve had great relationships, friendships, and a career. Of course things weren’t always perfect but at least I looked good along the way! Why? How? Keep reading!

The R U L E S . . . Whether I knew I was playing by them or not, I was. Maybe I was doing this subconsciously. Maybe I was doing it to camouflage my weight! Either way, I’ve discovered they work and I am here to share those secret rules with you! Each post in the series will contain a new rule and advice to becoming “Irresistibly YOU!”

What is Irresistibly YOU?
Irresistible women have an overpowering appeal and are impossible to resist! This isn’t just in a passionate, desirable type of way. Ok, that is part of it, but there are more elements to becoming irresistible.

How does one become Irresistible?
I have put together my own “How-To” Guide based on my experiences over the years. I’ve been reading a lot lately about the “Plus” and “Straight” fashion worlds. It saddens me that we need to label ourselves. For anyone that has been categorized as “plus size” the criticism can be downright hurtful. I was overjoyed at finding so many plus size communities online! Soon after, I started to realize that much of the same prejudice from our straight sistas is going on right here! Personally, I started to feel like “Well I’m too fat for the “skinny” girls and not fat enough for the “plus size” girls!” Yes, I am stuck between an almost rock hard body and a fat place!

Well ladies, I am here to stop the labeling. Stop the name calling. Stop the judging. Enough is enough. Let’s start helping and motivating each other. I am here to tell you, anyone regardless of size or shape, is capable of becoming Irresistible. Irresistibility is a state of mind. If you feel it on the inside first, the outside appearances will come.

Coming Up: In the next post of this series, I will introduce Rule #1: Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

In the comments, share your thoughts about the series. What would you like to get from these posts? Do you have any ground breaking discoveries you’d like to share? Holla at ya girl! I’d love to feature some of my reader’s in upcoming posts!

“Every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away.”