Welcome to the weekend! What a crazy week it’s been. My pregnancy migraines have come back with a vengeance this week. When I get them I lose my vision, get nauseous, and just can’t focus or do anything because of the pain. It is the worst! I’m feeling better now but hoping things get back to normal. I’m looking forward to a rainy weekend to just rest and relax! In case  you missed it, check out my latest blog post:

Angelina Jolie Quotes

Now, on to the Irresistible Links of the week!

♥ Living for this rose colored outfit from Jay Miranda!

♥ Hey bloggers check out this back to school supply list from BlogPaws.

♥ Stop Chasing Happiness: 17 Alternative Ways to Live Your Best Possible Life from Tiny Buddha

♥ From The Revelist, Ashley Graham is on a mission to ‘drop the plus’ — and this ad is the tipping point.

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