Just last week I blogged about moments of weakness and not being able to get back on track. I looked back over my food journal and my weight tracker and it’s been exactly a month since I “fell off the wagon”, so to speak.

Over the weekend, I went out to eat brunch and I got extremely sick. I mean SICK! I’m talking, couldn’t get out of bed for hours and didn’t leave the house the rest of the day/night sick. Yuck.

I didn’t even eat THAT much. I had 2 mimosa’s …

and soft-shell crab egg benedict. WHAT? Who makes that?!!!

This food was soooo rich!!! My body just isn’t used to that type of food anymore!  Normally I would get a box to go but I ended up eating it all in one sitting. BIG FAT mistake.

My husband cooked me dinner that night and I couldn’t even finish it. I felt even worse afterwards. AND this was hours after the brunch. At least 10 hours or so…

I FELT miserable. I FELT disgusting. I FELT nasty. I FELT fat. I FELT pathetic. I FELT sick. I FELT horrible. I FELT guilty.

However, I needed this to happen.

It was an unpleasant reminder that over indulging isn’t healthy for me anymore. It doesn’t allow me to achieve my goals. It doesn’t DO anything for me but ruin the rest of my day and make me sick and miserable.

I don’t ever want to feel like that again. That isn’t me anymore. But I’m still going to have times when I fall down and it’s ok. This is 31 years of undoing, people!!!!!!!!!!

I like love the feeling of eating clean and healthy. Not only does my body appreciate it, but it’s healthy for my mind and spirit when I know I’m eating the right things.

So, Tuesday morning I hit reset (I was out of town Monday). I even had to snap a pic so I could track my before/after results because I’m going hard this time around.

What does hitting the reset button mean for me?

  • Recommitting to the Weight Watchers program. Including going back to meetings and weighing in. Accountability!
  • Tracking everything I eat in in my Weight Watchers journal.
  • Measuring ALL of my food.
  • Stocking my kitchen up with the right foods that will make me successful.
  • NOT going out to eat every single night.
  • If I do go out, picking the right choices.
  • Planning meals.
  • Scheduling workouts and sticking to it.
  • Tracking my workouts.
  • Keeping a photo journal of my food and my body.
  • Meditating every single morning and night.
  • Drinking water like crazy!!!
  • Balancing my work, home, social life, and other responsibilities equally.

These are just a few of the things that I know I HAVE to do in order to keep myself accountable when it’s time to reset. I always know I’m slipping when I’m not doing any of these things.

What does hitting the reset button mean for you?

You can’t fail if you never give up.”