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Red is HOT! Muy Caliente!
Red is another classic holiday color. It’s bold, spicy, and most of all Irresistible. Have you ever been the Lady in Red?
I haven’t worn a red dress since my 11th grade ring dance (yes, I’m ashamed to admit it’ s been that long!). I want to get myself into a LRD (Little Red Dress) this holiday season. Perhaps on New Year’s Eve, when everyone else is wearing black?!? We shall see!


Icing on the Cake – Tips to BE Irresistible!
♥ Red is sexy and bold. Wearing a red dress makes you stand out and tells the room, watch out for this Irresistible Doll!
♥ Red Dress. Red Shoes. Red Lipstick. Red clutch. DON’T DO THIS!!! OVERKILL!
♥ Red CAN be paired with bold colors like purple. Try out a red dress with a purple clutch to wow the party.
♥ Not feeling bold? Gold, black, and silver are perfect colors to accessorize with red.
♥ A little bold? Try a glittery zebra print clutch or bangle.
♥ A classic black heel always looks great with red. Try some with bling, glitter, and holiday sparkle!
♥ Just like the Jewel Tones, red comes in many shades. Not every shade of red works for all skin tones.

♥ Don’t be afraid of the hanger! Try it on!!

Red symbolizes love, lust, and romance. You can’t help but feel sexy and feminine when wearing a red dress. Go ahead cupcakes, try it out. You ARE Irresistible!
Coming Soon – Sequins! The Queen of the Holidays!
Tomorrow is the last day of the Glamify the Holidays series. SEQUINS!!! They are back and hotter than ever. Stay tuned for how to rock this irresistible holiday look!
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“I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight. I’ve never seen you shine so bright . . . Lady in Red.”
~Chris De Burgh~