I’ve mentioned on my Facebook and a few recent blog posts that I started working with a personal Weight Watchers coach. It’s one of their new services for 2015. So far, I’m loving everything that it has to offer. I feel like I really vibe with my coach and I was meant to find her. That might sound odd but I truly do believe the universe puts specific people in your lives when you need them the most. The personal support has been a huge missing piece of my weight loss journey.

Creating an Action Plan for Successful Weight Loss by IrresistibleIcing.com

Right now, I’m scheduling time with her each week (some people do multiple days a week). We work together to discuss how I’m doing and she helps to create an personalized action plan for the following week.

This is just a snippet of our action plan for this week. It automatically goes into your Weight Watchers account, so I can access it on any device.

Weight Watchers Action Plan Snippet

Planning for the Weekend

Did you know that 25% of your week is the weekend? That means that it really does matter what you consume on Saturday and Sunday if you want to consistently lose weight! My biggest struggle is the weekends. I want to go out and do what ever I want on my time off and food is a big part of that! I enjoy checking out new places to eat, especially local restaurants that don’t necessarily have their nutrition available online. It’s almost like some sort of defiance (with myself?) that I don’t want to have to plan and track. My coach worked with me to start planning some of my weekend meals ahead of time. For example, I know there is going to be birthday cake this weekend and I don’t turn down good icing! I will put that piece of cake in my tracker now and plan around it the rest of the day. It’s the little tweaks that create long term success.

Creating a Splurge List

I love the Weight Watchers “way” because they still encourage you to live your life and eat the foods you enjoy  . . . but all things in moderation! Weight Watchers gives you 49 additional points for the week that you can either ignore or use however you want. My goal is to start planning around those additional points for the weekends when I know I want to indulge a bit.

My coach suggested creating a “splurge list” of my favorite items along with the points values. That way, I can better pick and choose what to eat on the weekends ahead of time. I tend to find that I track AFTER the food is gone and that’s not doing me any favors! I’m working on that list now and will share with you once I’m done.

Have you tried working with a Weight Watchers coach or any type of personal weight loss support? Let me know down in the comments! xoxo

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