I have been contemplating if I should invest in a Chi straightener for some time now. Well, when my hair practically caught on fire last weekend from my old, worn-out iron, I figured I had to buy SOMETHING . . . Sooooo, might as well go for the best. If anything, I could always return it. Plus, it was on sale for $99 @ Ulta. Yea, I couldn’t believe I spent that much on a flat iron . . .

Let me tell you!!! It’s the best thing ever!!! Totally worth the money! If you have curly, unruly hair, like I do . . . This is perfect. My hair has never been so straight and silky after straightening. I am in LOVE with the CHI! Plus, it’s pink and who can resist that!

Ohhh, so silky straight…..Thank you Chi!

Because I absolutely adore Chihuahua’s, I randomly (b/c I am the queen of random) found this little pink Chi bank at the bookstore and just had to buy it. Too ironic right?  A Chi and a Chi all in one day. HeHe!!!

Ahhhh….Life is good when there’s retail therapy involved!

What kind of retail therapy have you been up to this weekend?