Hi! Remember me? I know. Long time/no see.  I’ve still been around the internet but I just haven’t been blogging here. Actually my last post was in April. Yikes.

I wrote an entire post about what has been going on so please head over to Irresistible Pets to read my post, Regrouping, Rebranding, + Reinventing. That pretty much sums up the question about where I’ve been and what’s been going on behind the scenes.

To sum it all up, I hit a wall earlier this year with my blogging and decided that I needed to take a little break to pull my thoughts together and figure out what I really want from all this. Once I got back from BlogPaws in June, I started working on a massively huge rebranding project. It’s safe to say that (most of) my thoughts are pulled together and all OCD like a color coded project plan!

Let’s Talk About a Relaunch!

After lots of brainstorming and working with a branding consultant (You rock, Julie Harris Design!), I’ve made the decision to pour my heart and soul back into Irresistible Icing. This was my original passion project and it’s something I’ve been avoiding as I took on other projects and clients.

I’m ready to relaunch my brand and introduce you to the other “professional” side of me . . .the instructional designer. You know, that thing I do every day that pays the bills?! As an Instructional Designer I create eLearning courses, training materials, etc. The materials I work on during my 9-5 are pretty stuffy and corporate and I’m a creative being that loves pretty things! I’ve always wanted to find a way to marry my profession with my passion and that’s exactly what this relaunch is all about!

I launched an eCourse here wayyyyyy back in 2011 (yea, it was an epic fail and I cringe when I look at it now!) called Irresistible You. I’m working on revamping that course and relaunching it in addition to a shiny new logo, website, and tons of resources to help you create an irresistible life!

What You Can Expect

It’s going to be a process with a lot of long nights to get there, so I want to fill you in on what to expect over the next 90 days.

  • Lots of changes around here but I’ll be back more irresistible than ever! Think of it as Irresistible Icing 2.0!
  • The launch will include a new look and feel for my online home along with new logos and the launch of my eCourse, Irresistible You!
  • With all the party planning I have to do, I won’t be jumping back into a routine blogging schedule just yet.
  • The place to be right now is my VIP list where I’ll be sharing member only sneak peeks and exclusive behind the scenes content! You can RSVP here so you don’t miss a thing!
  • Let’s connect and stay in touch on Facebook and Instagram.

RSVP to the Relaunch Party!

A relaunch is the perfect excuse to through a party, right?! Of course!! I’m throwing an online relaunch party right here on Irresistible Icing to kick off my official relaunch on October 1st. There will be a ton of cupcakes, sparkles, and champagne. I mean what else do you need? RSVP here for exclusive behind the scenes content, giveaways, and more delivered directly to your inbox!

Irresistible Icing Relaunch Party Invitation

PS: I Need Your Help, Pretty Please!

With a cherry on top? I want your input on what type of irresistible content you would like to see going forward. I would love if you could take a few minutes to help me with a quick survey here or complete it down below. Muchas Gracias!!!

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