How many times do you tell yourself, I’ll do it when I finally get to my goal weight. When I lose some more weight, I’ll buy a bathing suit, I’ll book the vacation, I’ll meet up with old friends, I’ll take better care of myself. I know that for some of you it goes even deeper with things like, “when I lose the weight, I’ll start dating, I’ll have kids, I’ll leave this toxic relationship, etc.” You are putting your life on hold for a number. You are waiting for some magic moment to happen on the scale where then you can give yourself permission to live your “best life.” What if I told you that your best life is actually happening right now? In this episode, we are going to talk about why you wait for the weight and how to start living in the moment because we don’t have time to wait for some bullshit magic unicorn moment.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Why we think we have to wait for the weight to start our best life.
  • The illusion of what your “best life” looks like.
  • Getting to goal weight doesn’t magically take away the mundane shit we have to do on the regular.
  • Your life isn’t a series of starting and stopping. It’s one continuous journey. It’s been an ongoing journey since you were born.
  • You have deceived yourself into thinking that when you “start over”, nothing bad is bound to happen again or that you’ll never slip up again.
  • What if you just decided that you’re going to stop the start/stop mentality and just live your life starting right now.
  • The concept of your best life is up to you.
  • You have to define what kind of person you want to become. 
  • You’ve never one this because all you wanted for yourself was to lose weight and be thin.
  • What does it look like for you to live your best life? Habits, thoughts, feelings, how you talk to yourself, how you think, how you show up, how you dress, etc.
  • Learn how to be present when you still feel uncomfortable.
  • Your best life is happening now. It’s the small stuff. It’s the dishes, the errands, the small wins, the bin wins, and everything in between.
  • You are creating unnecessary suffering in the present by always living in the future because you’re not enjoying what’s in front of you now. Right now is all we have.
  • Create an identify outside of the fat girl.
  • Who would you be if weight loss wasn’t your major life contribution?

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