Last week, I talked about the different phases of grief and accepting your new normal during this time that is anything but normal.  This is going to be our new normal for a long time. I’m not a scientist or a doctor but I’d bet that this may go continue on some level for the rest of the year.

How many times have you caught yourself saying “When things go back to normal, I’ll <fill in the blank>?”

Isn’t that the same mindset you have when it comes to losing weight? “When I lose 50 lbs, then I’ll <fill in the blank>.”

What’s the difference? In each situation, you’re putting your future on hold instead of of taking responsibility and ownership for what you can control right now.

Listen. This pandemic fucking sucks. Feeling like shit about yourself on top of that is like adding shit on top of shit.

Great analogy, I know. #ArticulateAF

How many times in the past few weeks have you found yourself sitting around the house wearing the same outfit for three days in a row, unsure of the last time you showered?

The way that you package yourself up tells the world how you feel about yourself. Most importantly, it reinforces to YOURSELF how you think and feel about yourself. When you don’t give a shit about your appearance, you feel like shit. Taking care of yourself is one of the things you CAN control during this pandemic.

I’m fortunate enough to say that my day-to-day life hasn’t changed all that much. I’ve been working from home for ten years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve learned a lot about how to work from home over the years and I want to share that with you. Working from home is great but it’s not for everyone….and it’s an adjustment even if it is for you.

I’ve put together my top tips to get your glam on when you work at home.

Why You Need to Get Your Glam On When You Work at Home


1. Wake Up Early

Are you at home with kids and your spouse? You NEED that time in the morning by yourself.

I’m a creature of habit. If I don’t start my day with my routine, it seems like everything goes to shit by the afternoon. My morning routine includes getting up before the rest of my family, meditating, getting in a walk, and writing. I love this time of day. It’s when I’m most creative and productive. I hate waking up early but once I’m up, it’s amazing!

2. Take a Shower

Every. Single Day. This seems so obvious but not showering is a sign of depression. Taking a shower isn’t just great because it’s good for your hygiene. It creates a domino effect. Once you take a shower, you’ll be more inclined to do your hair, makeup, and get dressed.

3. Do Your Hair

Nothing fancy required! Anything but the messy mom bun 3 days in a row is what we’re going for here!

4. Put Makeup On

I love makeup. Wearing makeup even if I’m just at home makes me feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. It’s time to focus on yourself and get your glam on. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you do good.

5. Get Dressed

It’s so tempting to stay in your pajamas all day. One of the benefits of working at home is that you CAN stay in your pajamas all day but it doesn’t mean you should. Too many days in pajamas or house clothes and you start to feel lazy. It’s so important to get dressed every single day in a new outfit. That doesn’t mean you need to wear a skirt or a business suit. #Eww.

Trust me on this: put yo jeans on! Too many days in pajama pants is no bueno. Trust me, put your jeans on at least a few days a week!

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