I want you to understand how much of a bad ass you are. I want you to understand the fierce, confident queen that is inside of you waiting to come out. I want you to know that nobody else in this world is stopping you from becoming who that woman is. Except for you. It’s not your partner. It’s not your shitty boss. It’s not the bullies. It’s not the bitch next door. It’s you. You are the only woman stopping you from stepping into your power and becoming the most irresistible version of you possible.

You have so much power and confidence and drive inside of you.  I want you to know it is time. It is time to stop hiding. It is time to stop being afraid. It is time to finally step into your potential and step into all the gifts and talents and things that you have to offer the world. It’s time to stop allowing much you weigh and what you look like from stopping you. Imagine what you could do. Imagine how you could change not only yourself, but the world if you finally stepped into that power.

Who would you be? What type of  woman would you be? What type of things could you accomplish?

You could finally stop playing small. You could finally stop hiding behind your true power. You could finally stop letting all the assholes… letting the bullies…letting their words cut you down and stop you from doing what you actually want to be doing with your life.

What if you could look in the mirror and see what other people see?  You’re a fucking bad ass,  you’re fierce and you’re confident. You have every single thing inside of you that it takes to live the life that you crave and live the life that you deserve.  You need to understand that you are worthy of living that life. You do not deserve to live a mediocre life. You do not deserve to settle. You do not deserve to live a life that isn’t what you envision for yourself. It’s also not too late. I don’t care how old you are.

I don’t care what you’ve tried. I don’t care what you have done and failed. I don’t care. None of that matters. The past is not going to dictate where you’re going. Because you have every option and decision to decide today to move forward to become irresistible. To become who you know you’re supposed to be. Because you know it deep down inside, you know that you’re settling, you know that you’re playing small, you know that you’re playing safe, and why? Because somebody might call you fat? If you step out and say what you want to say, somebody might call you a bad name? Why are you going to let that stop you from all the greatness that’s in there? Why are you going to let someone who is that small to say those nasty things?

Why are you going to let the bullies silence you?

You cannot change the world until you change yourself. You cannot inspire anyone else until you find that inspiration within you. You have what it takes. I promise you. I see that for you.  I want you to see that for yourself. Change is not easy. Change is not something that’s going to just come to you overnight. It’s a decision. It’s a decision to become who you know you’re capable of being. I know that you have that vision. I know that you have this version of yourself in your mind. But yet your actions and your life are not reflective of who you actually want to be.

As long as you keep holding yourself back, as long as you keep putting the blame on everybody else, the only person you’re hurting in the long run is you.  I want you to know how beautiful, how irresistible, and how amazing you are.

You just need to see it for yourself. You just have to believe it for yourself.  People could say nice things to you all day long, but until you believe it you’re never going to accept what they say.  So, you’ll continue to listen to the negative voice in your head..the inner fat bitch who’s telling you you’re never gonna amount to anything.  “Why bother you always fail, you suck!”  That’s the voice that runs in your mind all day long. You know when it stops? It stops when you make the conscious decision to say enough is enough. I’m not listening to that anymore. Because I am worth more than that.

My job here is to hold you to a higher standard than you are holding for yourself.  I know that you’re not holding yourself to a higher standard right now.  All of this is possible for you. It’s like a fire raging inside of you that is just wanting to get out.T

That needs to get out. That has to get out! That has to be heard.  That has to be seen. That wants to be validated.  Why? Because your whole fucking life no one has heard you.  No one has really actually heard you. No one has validated you. They have not validated your existence, your feelings, your beliefs, and what you stand for. No one has actually seen you for who you really are.

I’m willing to bet you don’t even see yourself. You aren’t even hearing yourself and you aren’t validating yourself. Because if you were, you would not be allowing yourself to settle for less than you deserve. As long as you believe that you aren’t worthy and that you don’t deserve things, you’re not going to see, hear and validate yourself and your wants, needs and desires. You just won’t.  You don’t truly believe it deep down. And if you don’t believe it in your soul you’ll accept any BS behavior from others and yourself.

People call you names. People verbally abuse you. People don’t treat you with respect. And what do you do? You just let it slide because you think that you deserve it.  I’m here to tell you right here/right now, you deserve better. You deserve better from other people…and you  deserve better from yourself.

What have you been doing for the past almost 10 years? How did you spend this decade of your life? Did you spend this decade of your life repeating the same bullshit cycle? Did you spend this decade of your life beating yourself up over some loose skin on your arms? Did you beat yourself up over some fat rolls and some cellulite? How did you spend the last decade of your life? How much time did you waste this decade? Worrying and panicking about what you look like and how much you weigh? What size you are?

If that’s the case, now you have a choice. That is a choice whether you want to believe it or not. I can see that for you. Staying stuck and staying miserable is a choice. It’s a choice. You either decide to do that or you decide that you’re worth more than that and you’re going to change.

I want you to know you’re so powerful. You just don’t realize it yet. I see it for you. I want it for you.  I know that it’s possible for you.

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