You can’t lose weight and become the woman you dream of with the mindset you have now. I couldn’t step into my power and become who I am now with the same mindset of the girl who sat on the couch, eating all day, in stretchy pants, isolating herself from the world.

I had to gain new skills, tools, and mindsets to up-level. That’s how I broke the yo-yo diet/body hate shame cycle.  Weight loss, loving yourself, and feeling confident isn’t about a diet. It’s not about losing a certain number of pounds. It’s 95% mental and emotional.

Weight is symptom of a bigger problem and you need the right tools and skills to be able to navigate through that.

Imagine taking the podcast content but adding more in-depth training videos, worksheets, and action plans that you can access from anywhere, on the go!  In this episode, you’ll be introduced to the Irresistible You Membership, a new program that is open for enrollment!

Listen up to this Irresistible You podcast episode to hear more about my story, how you can’t lose weight with your current mindset, and how you can enoll in the new Irresistible You Membership.

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Introducing the Irresistible You Membership!

The Irresistible You Membership is like your “Netflix” of personal development. You can watch these videos anywhere, anytime…or even binge watch just like your fav series.  This monthly membership gives you:

  • Personal development training courses to help you improve body image, gain confidence, and lose the emotional weight holding you back.
  • An on-demand training library chock full of the skills and resources you need to create the life you crave…and deserve.
  • New courses added monthly that aren’t a bunch of fluff, but are laser focused action oriented lessons that give you exactly what you need to stay on this journey.
  • A monthly live training and coaching call with yours truly that will drag you up from the day to day self-doubt and focus your sights on the long term plan, your big scary goals, and the life you always dreamed of.

The doors officially open on August 15th and that’s when you’ll have access to all of the content and courses such as:

-How To Set Boundaries & Say No
-Mindful Eating Best Practices
-To Take an Irresistible Selfie
-How To Conquer a Food Craving
-How to Accept a Compliment

Plus, as part of this early bird sale and launch, you’ll get access to 3 masterclasses that currently only my VIP group coaching clients get:

-How To Become a Confidence Queen
-How to Create a Signature Style
-Getting Started with the Irresistible You Framework

Each training includes a combination of video, audio, worksheets, and an action plan for REAL life scenarios.

This is just the beginning. Based on your feedback and the questions that puzzle you the most, I’ll be creating monthly content that speaks to exactly what you need, whether you’re just starting the #IrresistibleYou journey or you’re a long time alumni. Either way, you need ongoing support, coaching, and training from someone that GETS it..and gets you.

Enroll Now and Save with the Early Bird Discount

You can join for just $29/month OR take advantage of this insane early bird annual enrollment of $249 which makes it less than $20/month! I promise you won’t find anything else like this out there, so don’t miss your chance. If you’re an alumni of my coaching program, you’ll save even more on the annual plan…and those details are in your student-only Facebook group.

Seriously. That’s less than a tank of gas. Heck, it might even be less than you spend on fancy coffee every month!

Reserve your seat so that you’ll be one of the first to experience this when the doors open on August 15th.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity because the early bird discount won’t last. It expires on Friday, 8/9.

Enroll in the Monthly Plan for $29/month:

Enroll in the Annual Plan for $249/year and save $100: 

I hope to see you inside of Irresistible YOUniversity as a member! 

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