Wanna know how to lose your weight for the last time and stop the yo-yo diet/body hate shame cycle? Self love is the missing piece that diets don’t teach you. You’ve been conditioned to hate yourself if you’re overweight. You’ve been conditioned that the only path to happiness is the BS before and after weight loss story. You’ve created so many BS rules that you have to hustle and hate your way down the scale. So, when ever you tell yourself you’re going to “start over” on Monday, you do a bunch of stuff you hate because you want a quick fix because you’re so uncomfortable in your skin.

Self love isn’t the reward at the end when you get to your goal weight. It’s HOW you get to you goal weight.  In this Irresistible You podcast episode, I’m breaking down the TRUTH what self-love really looks like during a weight loss journey and it’s not about affirmations and bath bombs.

What Self Love Looks Like on a Weight Loss Journey

  • Self love looks like you creating boundaries around your time and energy so that you can make yourself and your journey a priority.
  • Setting up a meal plan for the week when you’re tired and want to go to bed.
  • Creating your daily food plan and sticking to it. This builds your trust in yourself and creates confidence.
  • Putting on the workout clothes when they feel tight and show off every single roll right now.
  • Walking when it hurts and feels like you are slogging through mud.
  • Buying the larger size clothes that you’ve been avoiding so that you can feel better in your body now…not just when you lose all the weight.
  • Treating yourself to a massage, nails, hair, spa day, etc when it’s painful to look in the mirror with someone else.
  • Getting on the scale and having an honest conversation with yourself about the results and also not attaching your entire self-worth to said results.

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