I’ve got a HUGE announcement and VIP message in today’s Irresistible You podcast episode. 

Let me just say it first: I’m PREGNANT with baby #2! Getting pregnant is a life changing decision and one that so many of you are putting on hold because of your weight. I understand that because I too had those same feelings.

I swore I would never have kids. I wanted nothing to do with the #momlife.

As the years rolled on, I never got the baby bug…even as I entered my 30’s. 

Then, out of nowhere I felt like something was missing…

My husband and I had the “What if?” conversation. 

We both agreed we wanted a baby and would forever regret not trying.

But one thing kept holding me back?

My weight.

I created a story in my head about what the extra weight meant. 

I was terrified of pregnancy because um weight gain, stretch marks, and body changes are unavoidable. 

I wanted to actually LOOK pregnant and have the cute pregnant lady stomach. But I was so afraid I would just look like a fat blob.

But after all the self-loathing, eventually, I realized:

It wasn’t about the actual weight…it was about what I MADE it mean. 

I was almost willing to give up the miracle of becoming a mom all because of my weight. I almost gave up the chance to hold my beautiful Catalina Rose in my arms because of my weight. 

And those fears that I had? Valid, yes. Reality? No. 

Fast forward four years and I got the bug for a 2nd child. Those same thoughts tried to flood my brain again but I wasn’t having it. I’m not going to allow a few pounds to stop me from the life I crave and deserve. 

Maybe you dream about getting pregnant and becoming a mom…and maybe your dreams get shattered by those same thoughts. 

It makes me so sad to know you’re missing out on life-changing opportunities because you think you’re too fat to deserve it. 

I think about how many times I said no or didn’t go after something because I felt unworthy.

All because of a little extra weight? It seems trivial when you think about it but when you’re living in a body that you hate, it feels like a prison and it dictates all of your decisions.

What if I would have said no to pregnancy and missed out on my life with Catalina…and now baby #2? 

What are you putting on hold, waiting for the weight? 

Tell me in the comments below. 

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